Neo-Nazi Ukraine: How ‘Bandit’ – the Russian Anti-Fascist Dog – ‘Rescued’ His Handler Under Fire! (15.11.2022)

Credit Where Credit is Due! The Russian Military Dog ‘Bandit’ is Awarded for His Anti-Fascist Bavery!

Translator’s Note: I am continuously critical of modern Russia – simply because as a collective – the Russian people betrayed the 1917 Revolution during 1991! However, Russia is still full of Communists and I fully support these people in their fight against Neo-Nazi Ukraine! It is these Comrades who have asked me to present this touching story to the West. As the exact details of Bandit’s now famous mission are ‘Secret’ – I have only been able to translate what is publicly available in Russia! Needless to say, on the day he was injured, he was wearing a large ‘Red Cross’ on his coat and was NOT carrying ammunition. I am told the Neo-Nazi Ukrainians ‘targetted’ the Red Cross! Still, we must be thankful that ‘Bandit’ (and his ‘Handler’) survived and that this episode brought a ray of light into this otherwise ‘dark’ corner of humanity! ACW (15.11.2022)

Please Read the Touching Story of ‘Bandit’ – the Brave Anti-Fascist Dog – Member of the Russian (Soviet) Pacific Fleet!

Bandit was provided by donations from Members of the Communist Party of Russia fore military service in the Russian (Soviet) Marines – and is technically a ‘Member’ of that ‘Communist’ organisation (like many millions of Russian human-beings)! Bandit serves in the Russian (Soviet) Pacific Fleet – and when he was first deployed ashore – he (and his Marine Unit) clashed immediately with the Neo-Nazi Forces of Euro-Maidan Ukraine! These Hitlerite thugs have been armed with weapons provided by the US, UK and EU – with many of these criminals (including known ‘Paedophiles’) training in those countries and regions! Surely, this is one of the most disgraceful of many similar episodes in the post-WWII history of the US and Europe!

Bandit is trained to carry eight (8) full magazines of (Warsaw Pact developed) 5.45 calibre ammunition (for the famous ‘AK’ rifles and their derivatives), as well as four (4) standard infantry grenades. This is a heavy load – but ‘Bandit’ also carries an extensive supply of medical supplies that can treat moderate to severe war injuries at the point of first contact. Bandit is trained to ‘protect’ the wounded by lying across their bodies as fire comes in – these dogs also stand ‘on guard’ whiilst the Medical Personal ‘treat’ the wounded in a combat zone – routinely placing their bodies between the enemy and the wounded! The Neo-Nazi Ukrainians routinely target these dogs and film their dead bodies whilst they chop them to pieces! These are the risks dogs like ‘Bandit’ routinrly face!

This Report included one of the episodes of the Summer battles (during 2022) when the Russian Infantry Fighting Vehicle the Marines were travelling in came under fire from a Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Tank (provided by the UK) – the result of which ended with ‘Bandit’ and his ‘Handler’ receiving multiple shrapnel wounds. Ukrainian thugs tried to kill the Russian wounded – even those now unarmed and trying to surrender! Bandit spent the time laying across the supine body of his Handler – drawing fire away from the human he was protecting!

President Putin has Awarded ‘Bandit’ with the animal equivalent of ‘Hero of Russia’ (Hero of the Soviet Union) – and has personally requested that ‘Bandit’ be promoted and placed in less hazardous service roles! Although most Russian Marives were killed in the armoured vehicle – ‘Bandit’ pulled his Handler out of the wreckage and subsequently suffered twenty (20) further bullet wounds to add to his mangled front leg! Bandit achieved all this with just three (3) legs whilst continuously losing blood! When the Russian Military finally reached the area – ‘Bandit’ was lying ‘unconscious’ across the body of his Handler and was near to death! Today, ‘Bandit’ has fully recovered and is LOVED by the Russian people and ALL right-minded peope across the world. Bandit says:

Workers of the World Unite – You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Chains!