Down House: Meeting Darwin’s Bees! (9.7.2022)

The Bees Live in an ‘Out-House’ Next to a Green-House!

We have visited Down House a number of times in the past for educational needs – and to marvel at Darwin’s copy of Marx’s ‘Das Kapital‘ that is no longer on display (follow the link to read my article on the Buddhist Marxism Alliance UK website)! We last came in March (2022) as ‘Lockdown’ was abating! However, at this time we noticed that there was no Bees! We were told by a member of staff working in the ‘Out-House’ that the Bees are only at Down House during the Summer months and that they are moved to a warmer area (possibly in-doors) for the rest of the year! The ‘Queen’ Bee is distinguished by a ‘blue-dot’ which is placed upon her by the Bee-Keeper! Gee, Kai-lin and Mai-An eventually found the Queen Bee beneath a mass of doting Worker-Bees! Obviously, these are not actually ‘Darwin’s’ Bees – but this population of bees convey the general ideas Darwin was exploring and working with!

The Children Were Very Happy to Meet the Bees Again!
There Are Plenty of Education Exhibits at Down House!

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