Lenin and the Fox


Buddhist-Marxism Alliance (UK)

The Buddhist-Marxism Alliance (UK), being an expression of the leftwing intellectualism that permeates Oxford, pursues a Marxist-Leninist and anti-Trotskyite political agenda. As a supporter of Communist China, Maoism is viewed as an application of Marxist-Engelsism and Marxist-Leninism to the unique cultural and historical conditions of China. As for the Buddhist input, Buddhist philosophy is viewed as secular and non-religious, and useful for the ordinary people of the world to discipline their minds and develop a progressive attitude and functionality in the world. There is a definite support for vegetarianism and veganism, and the supporting of the development of a Socialist society that nolonger eats meat or participates in the mass slaughter and abuse of animals (a direct influence from within traditional Chinese Buddhism). Although Friedrich Engels, as a member of the middle class, did participate in fox-hunting, Karl Marx had quite another attitude toward animals:


Lenin used to hunt (particularly during his exile in Siberia), but never for sport and always for food. However, within her book the ‘Reminiscences of Lenin’ – Nadezhda Krupskaya (Lenin’s partner) states that during his later life in Moscow, Lenin was out hunting oneday, when a fox ran-out and looked at him – Lenin did not fire. From that moment on, Lenin never went hunting again with the same zeal. When asked why he never shot the fox – Lenin said he realised at that moment just how beautiful the fox was. The actual quote reads:

‘The beaters drove the fox straight towards him, bu he seized his gun when it was too late. the fox stopped and looked at him, then slipped away into the woods. “Why didn’t you shoot?” I asked him. “The fox was so beautiful,” he said.’

‘Reminiscences of Lenin’ – Nadezhda Krupskaya – Kindle Edition (Loc 514) Originally Published in 1933

Jimmy Lynch: Racist NHS Former Fleet Stores and Data Manager at North West Ambulance Service (NWAS)


Original BMA (UK) Article Link:

Our article regarding the ‘Save the NHS March’ protest we participated in, particularly the link shared on the Buddhist-Marxism Alliance (UK) Facebook page has attracted a tremendous amount of Britain First activity involving the making of mindless and racist comments in support of the Tory policy of ‘privatising’ the NHS. The BMA (UK) has a policy of ‘deleting’ these fascistic outpourings, but has decided to retain one comment as an example of the rightwing phenomenon concerned. Today, at around 10:43hrs, the Facebook user named ‘Jimmy Lynch‘ made the following racist post:

Jimmy Lynch Send all illegal immigrants and their so called dependants back to were they come from, then the UK NHS would be OK.Like

 · 3 Replies · about an hour ago
His Facebook page describes his details as:

As he has no problem ‘sharing’ os racist viewpoints about y family and children, I am sure he does not mind those viewpoints being shared further – with details about the author. Furthermore, Jimmy has a racist petition against Labour’s Diane Abbott. Finally, I am advised that ‘Lynch’ is an Irish name and that ‘Jimmy’ is in all likelihood a Roman Catholic immigrant from Ireland. If he applies his own warped thinking, he and his family should leave the UK to make the NHS ‘better’.

Lost Soviet Martial Art of Systema

My article of a translated Chinese text concerning the Soviet martial art of Systema can be freely accessed at the following link:

Lost Soviet Martial Art of Systema

This article appears on the ‘Buddhist-Marxism Alliance UK’ website, for which I am one of the researchers.

Thank You

The Trump Fetish


I was asked to write a few words for the Buddhist-Marxism Alliance (UK) site regarding the election of Donald Trump from a Marxist-Leninist perspective – look away now, if leftwing viewpoints offend you:

‘The BMA (UK) condemns the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States of America, but would remind Comrades that this does not represent a ‘failure’ of the US capitalist system, but rather its exact opposite. In other words, the liberal democracy founded by a group of privileged (racist) White men in 1776, is functioning exactly as it was intended to do. The bourgeois ‘moneyed’ class must a) maintain the capitalist system at all and any cost, and b) retain their dominant (ethnic) position within that capitalist system. All other ethnic and cultural groups may participate in the US capitalist system, that is true, but only from a subordinate (and inherently ‘unequal’ position). When the Socialist and Communist (Marxist-Leninist) left (from both inside and outside of the US) respond with such rhetoric that states the US system has somehow ‘failed’ because it has ‘elected’ a White, racist male, it is buying into the ‘normalisation’ of the capitalist system, and the Trotskyite idea that capitalism can be ‘reformed’ without being over-thrown. It must be remembered that it is ‘capitalism’ that generates racism, and it is capitalism that must be continuously and ruthlessly criticised to facilitate the historical transition into Socialism. For Marxist-Leninists, this means the refusal to turn the election of Donald Trump into a ‘fetish’, and the continued pursuance of dialectical analysis in the service of the working class.’

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