Keralia: A Truly Inspiring Soviet T 34-76 Monument! (10.7.2022)

The Soviet Tank That Saved the World!

A very interesting Soviet Monument to a disabled T 34-76 Tank – situated in the Karelian village of Sambatuksa (Northwest Russia). It is interesting because it stands exactly in the same place where the Fascist Enemy (probably Finnish at this point in the war – but also possibly Nazi Germany) destroyed the Tank’s fighting ability and killed its Red Army Crew at some point during 1944! The Red Army Crew is respectfully buried just to in front of the Tank!

Очень интересный памятник танку Т 34-76 в карельской деревни Самбатукса. А интересен он тем, что стоит абсолютно на том же месте , где его подбили в 1944 году! А перед ним похоронен его экипаж.

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