Down House: Sat in Charles Darwin’s Shelter! (9.7.2022)

Taken With Mei-An’s Mobile Telephone with a ‘Timed’ Shutter! Mei-An (left), Kai-Lin (Centre-Left), Adrian Chan-Wyles (Centre-Right) and Gee Wyles (Right!

Down House (in Bromley, Kent) is about an hour’s drive from Sutton in South London. It is the former home of Charles Darwin and is now managed by English Heritage. The entire house and estate is designed to convey the scientific processes that underlie the development of the theory of evolution through natural selection. We have visited many times as the brains of our children engage the material presented in completely different ways as they grow and mature! We explain the theory as it exists, how it is challenged and how it might development!

This Version was Taken with My Mobile Telephone Via a ‘Timed’ Shutter!

The logical scientific process is the key to developing sound knowledge about the universe. It is said that Charles Darwin would walk around the ‘Sand-Track’ that ran around the exterior boundary of his property on a daily basis – to keep fit! Approximately half-way through – Charles Darwin had a wooden shelter (with a seat) constructed – where he would sit and think for awhile – before starting the journey home! As the years progress – we take family pictures sat on this seat!

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