Spain-Moroccan Border: Sudanese Migrants Being Killed and Tortured! (28.6.2022)

Sudanese Migrants Attempt to Cross from Morocco into Spain!

As per usual, I have found unusual and shocking news videos on a Russian-language Telegram Channel (referenced below) – but the author is ‘incorrect’ about the description of events he thinks he is seeing. He claims these are ‘Moroccan’ refugees attempting to enter Spain – and that Spanish Police are reacting with violence. I have mentioned this more or less continuous lack of correct data emanating from Russian social media sources in the past and this is a prime example (although their coverage of events in Ukraine is always spot-on). Quite often, Western sources are no better but I hold Russia to higher standards!

Spanish Police Administer ‘Illegal’ Beatings!

Russian government sources, however, almost always verify their sources and cross-reference data even if the official line departs from that of the West!

Piles of Dead Sudanese People!

The above videos actually record attempts of Sudanese refugees to breakout of the prison-like refugee camps they are detained within in Morrocoy and enter Spain! After all, the camp is situated near the Spain-Moroccan Border! What happened to them is shocking with at least 2000 mostly Sudanese refugees taking part in the action! These people were fired upon by both ‘Spanish’ and ‘Moroccan’ Police – killing between 30-70 refugees and injuring hundreds! As you can see, those who survived the initial barrages had their bodies ‘piled up’ like rubbish waiting to be cleared away!

Shocking Scenes of Dead and Dying Sudanese!

Марокканские мигранты прорываются через колючую проволоку через границу в Испанию.
Погранцы применяют оружие

 новостная лента 18+

 Как встречают марокканских мигрантов в Испании

Как мы видим, им там очень рады…

 новостная лента 18+

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