Windsor Castle – Family Outing (26.2.2022)

A Winter’s Sun Illuminates Windsor Castle!

Windsor Castle is about an hour’s drive from Sutton. I had been to Windsor probably about 20-years ago – but had not visited the castle. Oddly, at that time I had a British-Chinese friend who used to rent a flat ‘inside’ the castle walls and had a special pass to get past the guarding soldiers. As I had no similar pass I could not enter. This time around all four of us were armed with the appropriate entry ticket (set for a 1000-1030 am entry time) and in we went – although it was not quite that simple. As soon as we cleared the outer perimeter – we ran straight into a security system of searches and x-ray machines usually used in airports. Of course, Gee was racially profiled and my entire family were taken to the side for a more ‘in-depth’ examination. The White woman in-charge of this pantomime kept apologising as soon as she understood Gee could speak English and was born in Britain! Nevertheless, the contents of our bags were all emptied and our ‘phones and ipads closely scrutinised. Our two daughters are now old enough to know what it means to be non-White in a White country – and so they wait patiently for the extra attention to be over with and we can re-join the rest of humanity in having a care-free day out looking around – ironically – at a building we part-own (along with the rest of the British people)! As I have written many times before, we are no friend of the royalty or the corrupt bourgeois system it supports. Due to the money-grabbing nature of these places – visitors are not allowed to photograph the interior. I believe the Queen was in residence when we arrived. ACW (3.3.2022)

The Nearby Council Car-Park was Half-Empty
Windsor Castle (At Least the Exterior) Has Been Liberated!
Kai-Lin Bought a Toy Crown!
The Ramparts!
We Could Not Enter the Main Gate – But Had to Use a Securitised Side-Gate!
Entering the Redoubt!
History (and ‘Oppression’) is Entwined Within Architecture!
Explaining the Arrow-Slit – Once An Outstanding Example of Defensive Military Technology!
Dotted Around the Castle Are ‘Guards’ Which Stand Sentry – The Single-Button Arrangement Means This Man is a Member of the Grenadier Guards!
The ‘Family’ Stand Near a Guard!
As Soon as Our Children Approach – the Soldiers Come Alive!
Excellent Marching and Instrument Playing!
When the Ceremony is Over – the Soldiers March Away!
Off to the Very Ornate Chapel – Which We Could Not Film or Photograph!
The Interior of this Extraordinary Building!
Arrow-Slits Everywhere – Like Crosses!
Very Disciplined Soldiers!

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