PinkNews Supports Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine! (24.2.2022) 

This should be of no surprise (and just like what happens in Zionist Israel) – is a prime example of the phenomenon known as ‘pink-washing’ – which sees the broader campaign for Gay rights ‘hijacked’ by decidedly illiberal, right-wing and far-right agendas. Just like those Gay groups and individuals who accept, recognise and empower the anti-trans bigotry that emanates from such people as JK Rowling – PinkNews has aligned itself with fascism, Nazism, racism and the history of ‘genocide’ these ideologies represent! This is because Gay movements in the West are invariably ‘White’, often ‘racist’ and virtually always acting in support of the bourgeoisie and the capitalist system. Such groups fully supported the US fiction of gay ‘concentration camps’ in Chetnya a few years ago, and despite a continuous outpouring of evidence proving this fakery – entities like ‘PinkNews’ are quite happy to play their part in the maintenance of the ‘White’ heterosexual patriarchy. This is a habit of Eurocentrism that also fully endorses all aspects of US anti-intellectualism and its anti-China racism. But the hypocrisy of PinkNews does not stop at these issues. As a reactionary newspaper it has never mentioned that VI Lenin became the first leader in the world to abolish (Czarist) anti-gay laws in 1918 – why would it? – as a member of the bourgeois community its editorial position is one of the rejection of ‘Socialism’ (and working-class values) – and the full embracing of predatory capitalism and its hypocritical middle-class morality. All this contradiction is on display in its above linked ‘anti-Russian’ article that implicitly praises and supports neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Ukraine! Of course, the editors of PinkNews do not care that the neo-Nazism of ‘Maidan’ West Ukraine is a modern manifestation of the very same Hitlerite ideology that sent thousands of gay men to the German Nazi death camps during the 1930s and 1940s! Of course, if PinkNews truly cared about the legitimate history of gay people it would have been exposing the neo-Nazi regime of ‘Maidan’ West Ukraine since 2014 (when the Obama Administration facilitated its ‘illegal’ power-grab) – instead of continuously writing articles in its support! The above article is particularly odious as PinkNews could not ‘interview’ any gay people living in West Ukraine simply because the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime has ‘eradicated’ the gay population! Yes – following the murderous violence that occurred around 2014-2016 – thousands were murdered, whilst tens of thousands fled the neo-Nazis – including many gay people now ironically settled in America – the country that engineered their near destruction in 2014! PinkNews knowingly ‘omits’ all this tragedy from its news coverage and in so doing actively aligns itself with the very establishment that has been maiming and murdering gay people for hundreds of years! Just as Lenin abolished the anti-gay laws in 1918, the Soviet Red Army ‘liberated’ thousands of gay people from the death camps in the 1940s – whilst Russian people lost around 41 million men, women and children fighting and defeating Hitlerism between 1941-1945! Today, the Russian people are yet again acting in the interests of all of humanity by confronting the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime! PinkNews – and the bourgeois media in general – are an absolute disgrace and should be ashamed of themselves. History will not let such entities get away with this monumental betrayal of humanity! How dare gay people who usually campaign for a fairer world support neo-Nazism when it politicly suites them!  

#pinknews #kiev #russia #neonazi #maidan #gay #kyiv #lgbt+ #ussr #hitler #pinkwash #israel

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