NHS Ageism Poster Comparing Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill!

The Weirdest of Comparisons!

I stumbled across this NHS Poster situated in the main entrance of the Golden Jubilee Wing of King’s College Hospital-London! Apparently, this Wing is owned by a private business corporation and is ‘rented’ by the government for NHS use! This poster bizarrely, and without any sense of irony, compares Nelson Mandela to Winston Churchill and has got to be the weirdest association I have ever seen in an NHS poster purportedly fighting ageism! Mandela opposed everything the overtly racist Churchill stood for! In 1945, as WWII was coming to an end, Churchill wanted the US and UK military to attack the USSR – despite the Soviet Union losing 41 million men, women and children during its war against the fascism of Nazi Germany! This would have led to the death of hundreds of thousands of Western troops – probably including our grandfather’s! Furthermore. Mandela was a member of the Communist Party of South Africa – whereas Churchill was a key motivating force behind the Cold War and firmly opposed Communism! Indeed, the British Tory Party (that Churchill was very much a part of) wanted Mandela hanged for his opposition to the apartheid government of South Africa! Finally, Churchill SUPPORTED the very Apartheid that Mandela fought to overthrow!

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