Unmasking the True Enemies of Humanity! 

A world rally against the efficacy of modern science (and particularly all the advances in medical thinking over the last two-thousand years), was held across the world yesterday on Saturday the 23rd of November, 2022! This great ‘coming together’ was arranged by a coalition of far-right and right-wing political groups throughout the West masquerading as political movement expressing ‘centrist’ and ‘mainstream’ concerns about a ‘loss of freedom.’ Although described in its own literature as being ‘worldwide’ – of course – this rally had little support outside of North America (the home of all authentic anti-intellectualism) and adjacent Canada, with a light sprinkling of interest (tentatively) manifesting in small, remote and economically backward areas of Western Europe. Throughout Eastern Europe – which is now riddled with US-backed neo-Nazi movements, regimes and competing groups – this protest was subsumed into a general re-writing of history which denies the ‘Holocaust’ and deliberately misrepresents the ‘liberating’ Soviet Red Army as being no different to the murderous Naz German Forces – whilst then ‘absolving’ the Hitlerites of all their well-documented crimes – and blaming the Soviet Union for starting WWII (by presumably ‘opposing’ the rise of fascism), and if the Washington monument to the victims of Communism is to be believed, of ‘committing’ the ‘Holocaust’ and any number of similarly ‘imagined’ atrocities! Indeed, this supposed ‘rally for freedom’ suspiciously coincides with not only the solemn remembrance of the Holocaust (and the ‘liberation’ of Auschwitz Death Camp by the USSR), but also the usual worldwide ‘protests’ by the political right against this ‘remembrance.’ Although this rally was supposed to be attended by ‘millions’ around the world, the reality is that only a few hundred White racists could attend in any of the ‘hot-points’ of protests due to the death toll inflicted upon the anti-intellectual by Covid-19 as this illness has swept through the ranks of the ‘unmasked’ and ‘non-vaccinated’ like a burst of ‘good energy’ unleashed by Gandalf the Wizard upon the ranks of the despicable Orcs (in the ‘Lord of the Rings)! Yes – whilst these soldiers of capitalism have been exercising their rights to hyper individualism by ‘denying’ the ‘efficacy’ or the ‘requirement’ of modern medical treatment and precautions – Covid-19 has proven a far stronger force than their collective stupidity, narrow-mindedness and utter selfishness! These deniers of science and ignorers of reality are just like the guards in Nazi German Concentration Camps who a) facilitate mass-killing, and b) encourage mass-killing by the decisions and actions they make and take! These people, like their Nazi German ancestors – are the true enemies of humanity!  The reality is that science saves humanity from destruction time and time again and that these far-right movements are nothing but ‘death-mongers’ carrying-out their usual function of deceptively packaging the death they bring as ‘freedom’! Humanity has evolved as a species through the danger and chaos that is ‘nature.’ Nature is amoral and deadly and only the ‘science’ that has emerged from the human brain is in anyway capable of protecting humanity from this danger and preserving the world humanity has created for our children to inherit! These despicable people are out of control and are misusing the freedoms that have been earned for them through the sacrifices of earlier generations!

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