The Ignorant ‘Fascism’ of the Stop the New Normal Movement – is ‘Far’ from Normal!

The privileged White race – at least members of the upper working-class and the middle-class – took to the London streets yet again, demonstrating their British anti-intellectualism and certainly giving the Americans a run for their money. British idiocy has united to confront a narrow piece of cotton temporarily worn over the mouth! Applying medical science as a means to keep us all safe is being misconstrued as a ‘violation of Human Rights’, and an indication of a ‘forced’ and ‘permanent’ change in British and world culture! Stop the New Normal campaign is fascistic and anti-Chinese in nature as it reacts to the Covid19 crisis as if it is China deliberately altering their daily lives, rather than the consequence of the ineptness and stupidity of the right-wing Tory Party that people like these keep electing! These people are more motivated by anti-intellectualism and racism than they are by the injustices and inequalities implicit in the predatory capitalism they want to see a return to! Yes – for these idiots, it is the predictable routine of predatory capitalism that has killed millions around the world, and which oppresses the working-class and minorities to incredible degrees! Where were these people when the Tories and LibDems ‘privatised’ the NHS in 2012? Where were these people when the Tories and LibDems dismantled the Welfare State and thereby murdered over 130,000 people with disabilities? Where were these people when the UN found the Tories and LibDems Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity in 2016? They did not care because they were too busy enjoying the freedoms that the colour of their skin gives them within a capitalist country. They stepped over the bodies of the homeless as they rushed to their clubs, gyms and night schools! They bypassed the starving as they ran to their trains, tubes and buses as they travelled to their capitalist employment! In the world they think they have lost; the Tories know full well that it still exists and is still ‘here’. We are being asked to protect our own health and the health of one another because the bourgeoisie does not want to get ill. But guess what? Although this is true in the sense of class politics – it is also true that none of us wants to be ill! The Chinese government behaved perfectly and responsibly to protect the Chinese population – whilst our Tory government has done nothing but behaved in a thoroughly inept manner! The Tories are putting all our lives at risk through their pathetic antics and the sheer stupidity of their dithering! The reactionary idiots of the ‘Stop the New Normal’ should be arrested and locked-up for the duration of the crises as a means to save our lives (and their lives) from their own stupidity! Down with all forms of anti-intellectualism!  

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