Email: Conflict Resolution – Crushing Zionist (White) Fascism Will Bring Peace to Humanity! (26.12.2021)

I write in response to an unsolicited and highly ‘racist’ ZIONIST email I receive today. I do this in Solidarity with the Members of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network and ALL the good Jewish people inside and outside of Israel – Including the Members of the Communist Party of Israel and Communist Party of Palestine! Genuine Jewish people DO NOT proselytise! Respect to the men and women of the Mighty Red Army Regiments of Comrade Stalin’s glorious and self-sacrificing Forces that Crushes German Nazism and ‘Liberated’ untold numbers of Jews (and other victims) from the Nazi German Death Camps of Europe! Israel – as a ‘Zionist State’ – is nothing but a White, racist Settler-State whose members practice a distorted, hate-filled form of (White) Jewish fascism. The murderous activities its indoctrinated male and female ‘paramilitaries’ against Palestinian men, women and children (which includes the further crimes of paedophilia and rape) will only go ‘unpunished’ by International Law for as long as the White (Racist) United States ‘protects’ the Israeli criminals from the same justice the Western (Capitalist) and Soviet (Socialist) Allies meted-out to the top Nazi War Criminals at Nuremberg! Zionist Israel represents the ideological trend of 1880s German fascism – the era its founders decided to align themselves with White, Bourgeois racism, and not it antithesis. White Jews think they are ‘White’ and not Jews and although they follow a (capitalist) right-wing ideology, they believe they are ‘Jews’ and not ‘Christians’! The irony is that the mind-set behind the following ‘unsolicited’ email I received to today is ‘White’, ‘Bourgeoise’ and ‘Christian’ in origin whilst masquerading as a ‘Jew’ – this is the foundational contradiction that lies at the heart of Zionism and which its followers can only replicate from generation to generation and never transcend or overthrow – as this would be the ‘end’ this person’s dalliance with ‘White’, ‘racist’ rhetoric and his infantile obsession with an anti-Christian attitude that is so ignorant from a theological perspective so as to be ‘laughable’ if it wasn’t for the fact that these hateful and murderous attitudes manifest as Islamophobia in the minds of the Members of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF)! Israeli ‘Zionist’ fascism must be thoroughly defeated and uprooted – whilst the ‘War Crimes’ and Crimes Against Humanity’ committed by Israeli Citizens must be tried in the Highest Courts of the land and the Verdicts made public! Only when Israel is ‘purged’ of its association with ‘White’, ‘racist’ (German derived) fascism can it exist peacefully in the world of nations! In the meantime, the right-minded Jews who live in Israel must work to bring-down this ‘Zionism’ and make reparations to the Palestinians that Israel has been persecuting for decades! Shalom! 


On Sun, 26 Dec 2021, at 14:18: 

There are No Testaments in the Bible 

Every single Xtian translation of the T’NaCH (Torah Prophets Holy Writings) evil. All biblical translators universally erred and duplicated the avodah zarah which Aaron, the elder brother of Moshe the prophet, made at the sin of the golden calf. That’s rather amazing. All bible translations profane the 1st Commandment of Sinai; they translate the Spirit Name into a word. Lord, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah. The Koran made the exact same identical avodah zarah. Truly and utterly amazing. 

But the church took this avodah zarah in a completely different direction than that taken by Islam. Monotheism profanes the 2nd Commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. The church fathers, they rejected outright the revelation of the Oral Torah logic system revealed to Moshe 40 days after the sin of the golden calf, wherein Aaron translated the Spirit Name of HaShem into a word – אלהים. The opening of the Gospel of John, the first verse declares “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. 

Oral Torah, the revelation of the logic which permits the generations to interpret the framers of the Written Torah – known by the Name – the Oral Torah. This logic format, like all other logic formats, like for example the logic developed by ancient Greek philosophers, stands upon the יסוד\foundation of Order. None of the T’NaCH Books employed chapters and verse as do all biblical translations! This blatant perversion of the original T’NaCH texts, the crime by which the translators of the T’NaCH expunged how the framers of the T’NaCH literature organized those Books into sugiot. A sugia can sometimes exist as a single sentence, sometime its exists as a small paragraph. Other time it encompasses a large chapter. But at all times a sugia commands mussar. 

The criminal biblical evil translations replaced this method of organization with chapters and verses which define every Xtian bible in existence today. The church denies the existence of the Oral Torah revelation at Horev on Yom Kippur\the Day of Atonement ——– 40 days and nights after Aaron translated the Spirit Name of HaShem into the word אלהים. 

The authoritative codification of Oral Torah logic, made by Rabbi Yechudah haNasi, the leader of the Great Sanhedrin, following the disastrous revolts against Rome in 66 CE and 120 CE, rabbi Yechudah organized Oral Torah logic, (compare & contrast), expressed through the form of Common Law – a Case\Rule system. The leaders of the church abomination, they confuse to this very day, Law with Logic; they have no understanding what differentiates between Torah commandments, which command mussar — from Judicial Sanhedrin courtroom rulings\halachah, which defines the contents of the 6 Orders of the Mishna; specifically, rabbi Yechuda’s Mishna, it codified the halachic legal rulings, as expressed through Jewish common law courtrooms. The abysmally ignorant church authorities, “believed” the New Testament Gospel Roman forgery. These pathetic morons confused Torah commandments of mussar with judicial ruling of halachic “LAW”. 

The Sanhedrin common law courtrooms compare to American courtrooms and sharply contrasts with modern British common law courtrooms today. Based upon the 5th Book of the Torah, lateral common law Sanhedrin courtrooms, possessed the mandate to not just declare the laws passed by the king as unConstitutional (the Written Torah serves as the Constitution of the Republic); the Sanhedrin courts could rewrite any law decreed by the king, which made that decreed law comply with the parameters of the Torah Written Constitution, and impose these new laws upon the people of Judea as the law of the king. This authority, known as משנה תורה means ‘legislative review’. 

Quite naturally the king, sons of the Davidic dynasty, tended to resent this Torah mandate for the Sanhedrin lateral common law courtrooms. From the start of his rule as king, Shlomo\Solomon attempted to impose the rule of law of his vertical courtrooms over the lateral Sanhedrin common law courtrooms. A vertical courts, like Shlomo established, the Judges and the prosecuting attorney both receive their salary directly from the government. The Sanhedrin lateral common law courtrooms did not permit the State to pay the salaries of any courtroom Justice. The litigants who contended a domestic dispute, they both paid the initial court costs. The loser would pay the final courtroom costs. Lateral Courts — the State and the private person — sat as equals before the Justices of the Court. 

Not to say that king Herod, when he stood trial before the Great Sanhedrin, that his presence did not intimidate many of the Judges. That wicked mass murderer terrified most of the justices of the Sanhedrin. An interesting note, Heriod murdered all the Justices of the Great Sanhedrin that ruled in his favor, out of fear that Heriod would make reprisals against them. The minority of Justices who maintained their integrity, Herod did not murder. 

The Romans referred to Herod … “better to live as a family dog, than die a violent death as a family member of Herod’s house. By comparison, not a single vertical European court ever once did any court try the church for war crimes committed against humanity; never in over 2000 years of almost annual war crimes autrocities! 

The US courts, they compare to the Sanhedrin courts in that they can negate a law passed by both Houses of Congress and signed by the President. A British common law courtroom could never negate a law passed by Parliament! Laws passed by Parliament defines the intent of the unwritten British Constitution. 

The Xtian bible abominations expunged the Order of sugiot from the T’NaCH (Torah Prophets & Holy Writings). The organization of the bible by these ignorant fools totally ignored the ruling made by Ezra and the Great Sanhedrin of his day. That ruling, it sealed the number of T’NaCH Books, thereby that ruling established the Cannon of the T’NaCH which exists to this very day. The new testament flagrantly violated the sealing of the T’NaCH cannon. Church authorities had interests in making their own religion, totally independent of the Torah oath brit (which translates as alliance, and not covenant) faith. 

To כרת\cut an oath brit alliance, a person must swear an oath in the Name revealed in the 1st commandment at Sinai. The biblical translators completely expunged that Name revelation, which defines the Torah and all Torah commandments. Turning to address your quoted p’suk\verse (recall that the T’NaCH Books do not organize thought, based upon the Xtian chapters and verses system) Jeremiah 31:31-34. That chapter contains 12 sugiot\sub-chapters. The verses you quote join together 2 sugiot: ירמיה לא:ל-לה. Each and every sugia within the T’NaCH commands mussar. Combining one sugia with other sugiot compares taking simple elements of hydrogen and oxygen gases, and forming liquid water. 

Xtian theologians did not just reject the oral Torah logic system, they replace this necessary logic, which permits all later generations the ability to logically interpret the Framers of the Written Torah Constitution of the Republic. No one generation owns a monopoly over logic. The church abomination rejected the Oral Torah revelation of logic, with their famous, Creeds, Dogmatism, and Theologies – which tell People how they should believe. How many people did the church murder as heretics? 

The codification of Mishnaic Case\Rule common law – stands upon bringing precedents from anywhere within the 6 Orders of the Mishna. In like and similar fashion, the study of T’NaCH literature, organized around sugiot, too instructs its mussar prophetic commandments through comparing a sugia or sugiot with similar sugia or sugiot. The biblical abomination translations destroyed the Order of organization of the T’NaCH “common law” mussar system of learning – a crime against humanity. 

Xtians throughout the Ages unto this very day do not learn – not T’NaCH nor Talmud – as a common law legal system that works by means of precedents. Church theology cherry picks a p’suk\verse – totally divorces that cherry picked verse from the surrounding contexts of its sugia, thereby negating the mussar which each and every sugia commands. (Mussar: defined as prophetic commandments). And pretends that its theology has superior merit over the revelation of the Oral Torah which HaShem revealed to Moshe at Horev. 

Followers of the Xtian abomination of faith, they just assume that prophesy means that a person possesses some ‘”gift’” which permits them to fore see the future. Xtian sheeple flocks never once question the witchcraft of predicting the future. This fundamental contradiction between a prophet and a witch, the sheeple flocks never once even question. Something like the people of the towns close to the Nazi death camps, who declared that they had no knowledge of the war crimes committed under the smell of their nostrils. 

Therefore what sugia serves as a legal precedent by which later scholars can “understand” (differentiate between like and like) the intent of the three sugiot, which your blog brings into question. An adjacent set of two sugiot ירמיה לב:א -ה, ו-ח, ט-יד, טו closely resembles the three sugiot of ירמיה לא: ל-לג, לד-לה. This vision of mussar instructs – fear of heaven; meaning a person strives to protect his good name and reputation. Xtian Europe has forever lost its moral superiority following the Shoah war crimes against humanity. The church lacked ‘fear of heaven’ and they destroyed their ‘good name’. 

Following the close of the 2nd European Civil War, in the 3rd year after that bloodshed, Israel rose from the dead of the ashes of the systematic murder of 75% of European Jewry and re-established our rule over the oath sworn lands of Israel. Now the church barbarians, these most cruel brutes, they languish in their exile. These primitive barbarian hordes wait for the 2nd coming of Jesus their god. Now these vile heathens rot in disgrace and Israel stands triumvirate. In 1967 the despised Hitler declared inferior race, won its 2nd war of Independence; it took just 6 days to accomplish this revelation of the hand of HaShem ruling the world. 

Europe lost all its great and mighty empires, almost within a day. The sun has set upon the British and French empires, just as Nazi Germany and Stalin’s USSR no longer exists. The European barbarians condemn the Jewish State in countless UN declarations. Israel mocks and ignores UN Resolutions of disgrace 242, 338, 446, 2334 etc etc etc, the defrocked church no one respects any more. 

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