Ourselves in Wartime: Photographs of Britain (1939-1945)

WWI was a ‘People’s War’ Against the Rising Tide of World Fascism!
It Seems the Nazi German Airforce Pursued a Deliberate Policy of Bombing British Schools and Hospitals!
Armed Railwaymen Formed a Separate and Distinct Military Force in the UK!
Many Home Guard Units Were Rough and Tough!
A ‘Socialistic’ Spirit Help Britain Through These Dark Days!
Britain Fought Freedom!
British Propaganda Photograph Ordered by Churchill Designed to Give the False Impression That the Middle and Upper Classes Were ‘Doing Their Bit’ Whilst Working-class British People Were Dying in Their Thousands!
Home Guard Artillary Training for Combat!
The Home Guard Reassures the Nation!
A British Maternity Hospital in London is Deliberately ‘Bombed’ by the Nazi German Airforce!
British Tanks Being Transported to the USSR Via the Russian Arctic Convoys!
All Photographs Appear in This Book: Ourselves in Wartime, Odhams Press Limited, Long Acre, London, WC2, 1945. This book is Still Available in Reasonable Numbers Through Second-Hand Editions That Are Surprisingly Cheap to Purchase, Presumably Because No One Now Values Its Socialistic Content in This World of US Anti-Intellectual and Britain’s Inability to Stand-Up to the Tyranny of US Neo-Imperialism!

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