Joseph McCabe: The Life of Joseph Stalin – The Rebel and the Statesman (1944) – Extracts of a Very Good Biography!

Haldeman-Julius Publications Girard, Kansas (1944)

Author’s Note: We must build a data-base of genuine biographical detail concerning the life and thought of Joseph Stalin. Joseph McCabe (1867-1955) was a former Catholic Monk who spent fifteen years contemplating reality in cloistered world of a monastery – only to realise (through this process of self-examination) that ‘God’ did not exist and the Catholic Church’s claim to ‘Authority’ and ‘Power’ over a) the individual and b) society was a completely ‘false’ mythology. This realisation unleashed a tremendous wave of psychological creativity in the secular world that led to him penning around 250 different books cover, science, sociology, war, astronomy, politics and economy, etc, as well as being well-known for his academic lecturing along similar lines. He was obviously a ‘Socialist’ (Marxist-Leninist) and associated the ‘Communist’ mind-set with absolute ‘freedom of thought’ – even though when assessed by the Bourgeois Establishment he detested – it is this ‘freedom of thought’ that they emphasis as if it were divorced from the ‘Communism’ that inspired him! Whatever the case, Joseph McCabe produced a fair assessment of the life of Joseph Stalin very much in the spirit of the British historian – EH Carr! ACW (9.11.2021)

Part One The Rebel – Page 3

Chapter I – The Sad Failure of St Joseph – Pages 4-8

Chapter II – “The Hall-Sweeper of the Revolution” – Pages 9-15

Chapter III – In and Out of Exile – Pages 16-22

Chapter IV – The Bolshevik Revolution – Pages 23-30

Chapter V – The White War and the Red Terror – Pages 31-40

Chapter VI – The Famine and the NEP – Pages 41-48

Part Two – The Statesman

Chapter VII – The Era of Very Free Speech – Pages 49-55

Chapter VIII – The Five-Year Plan – Pages 56-63

Chapter IX – Terrors and Traitors Pages 64-70

Chapter X – Stalin as a Realistic Idealist – Pages 71-78

Chapter XI – Education in Russia – Pages 79-86

Chapter XII – The Bloody Feet of Mars – Pages 87-92

Chapter XII – Page 88

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