Emails: Tory Mismanaagement and Deficient Human Nature! (4.10.2021)

Britain Under the Tories!

On Mon, 27 Sep 2021, at 23:02, W Lee wrote:

Dear Adrian,

I hope that you managed to get some petrol during the current panic buying spree, since Gee needs to drive to see patients in her job. Last year people were panic buying in supermarkets, which happened where I work.

There’s even been reports of fights breaking out amongst panic-stricken motorists squabbling over petrol, one of which was in genteel Sussex, which is my county. This kind of behaviour shows that under the thin veneer of civilization and humanity, we humans are still essentially very animalistic and selfish. We are really just a very intelligent species of animal. The theory is that we became the most intelligent animal because our ape-men ancestors killed and ate other animals that they perceived to be a threat or tasted good, and the protein provided by animal flesh fed their brains, thereby causing their intelligence to increase.  

And it’s this selfish and animalistic instinct that prevents us from achieving communism, for we are simply not advanced enough as a species to fully appreciate communism. We are intellectually advanced enough to invent communism, but not advanced enough psychologically as a race or species to instinctively act according to it. We need many more generations, or maybe, centuries before the human race could fully appreciate and implement communism.

Kind regards,

Reply: Adrian to Waiman – Monday, 4 October 2021 15:22

Dear Waiman

Thanks for all your interesting emails!

About a year ago, Boris Johnson’s Tories instructed British State Schools to ‘stop’ teaching any historical courses that reflect the left-wing in a good light. This was at the height of the anti-racist protests across America and Europe – which the far-right blamed on left-wing political rhetoric and not the fact that decent people have simply had enough of public bodies (such as the police) applying openly ‘racist’ policies whilst simultaneously using revenue acquired from our taxes to finance their racial-aggression and pay their wages (securing a good and steady home-life for their families). This is why Mei-An’s school gleefully announced a few weeks ago a special ‘Celebration of Capitalism’ Day – which featured a visit to the school by the BBC’s ‘Money Programme’! I was disgusted by this – particularly when considers the Socialist history of the UK and the working-class struggles that all our families have been involved in! Furthermore, our ‘non-White’ daughters were being ‘forced’ by the White Establishment to celebrate that very ideology that made a misery of the lives of their Chinese ancestors – and continuous to maim and murder people of colour (just like them) today! Marx states that racism emerges from within the contradictions found within the justifying ideology of predatory capitalism and is a permanent fixture that cannot be removed by ‘reforming’ superficial aspects of it! In-short, racism is a logical extension of the hyper-individualism inherent within capitalism which manifests through the its ‘division of labour’. Capitalism demands that ALL the material environment is exploited to generate the maximum amount of profit! Therefore, despite all the hypocritical ranting that the Tories emit supposedly against racism – in reality they understand (and accept) that a person’s skin-colour and body-type are legitimate targets for generating (and targeting) profit within a capitalist State! In-part, at least, racism assists the channelling of profit toward the supporters of the Tory Establishment and pays for their gated communities, their salaried employment and their long holidays abroad! The Tory tactic is to maintain capitalism on the one-hand, whilst White people with power promote non-White ‘Tories’ into positions of political power and influence that they could not have secured under their own merit due to the natural barrier of racism. What a world we live in!

Best Wishes


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