The Hand-Written Letter of Black Warrior Markeith Loyd (2017)

Markeith Loyd was involved in a shoot-out that cost the lives of his (pregnant) ex-girlfriend (and injured her brother) at their home in Orlando Florida on December 13th, 2016. On October 16th, 2019, he was sentenced to life imprisonment as the Court would not accept his claim of ‘self-defence’. Instead, the Jury found him guilty of first-degree murder – but did not impose the ‘death penalty’ due to certain legal inconsistencies inherent in the situation. Shortly after the first incident during December, 2016, Markeith Loyd was shopping in a local Walmart Store on January 9th, 2017, when he was approached by ‘off-duty’ Orlando Police Officer (Sgt) Debra Clayton. Indeed, Debra Clayton was an African-American (Black) woman who had chosen to join the local Police Department despite her knowledge that this self-serving entity exists to support and protect the White community from the perceived danger inherent in the Black community. In other words, Debra Clayton fully understood that the Police deliberately target and unjustly persecute the Black community – that is ‘her’ community – but chose to join it anyway. This obviously says something about her character.

On the day in question, (Sgt) Debra Clayton was ‘off duty’ but had chosen to ‘shop’ in Walmart whilst wearing her work uniform. As an off-duty Police Officer she possesses no more power than the average civilian, although she does possess the ability to quickly ‘alert’ on-duty Police Officers to deal with any criminality she might witness. On this day, however, (Sgt) Debra Clayton decided to act illegally and take the law into her own hands. She was tipped-off by a member of the public that Markeith Loyd was in Walmart. Instead of calling for back-up, (Sgt) Debra Clayton decided to (illegally) lay in wait with a drawn service-weapon at the ready just outside the main-entrance of Walmart. Her intention was to ‘ambush’ Markeith Loyd as he left the Walmart store! As an unarmed Markeith Loyd left the store, without identifying herself or announcing her intention – (Sgt) Debra Clayton aimed her service-weapon and opened-fire – with a close of bullets accurately striking Markeith Loyd in the left-chest-heart area – as she had been trained to do endless times in the past. It is obvious that her intention (as ‘illegal’ as it was) was to ‘kill’ Markeith Loyd and not take him into custody ‘alive’.

Unbeknownst to (Sgt) Debra Clayton, however, Markeith Loyd was prepared for such a possible ‘ambush’ from the Orlando PD and was wearing a bullet-proof vest – which absorbed the incoming rounds and saved his life! Markeith Loyd, acting in accordance with the US laws allowing for carrying concealed fire-arms that can be used in ‘self-defence’ then ‘drew’ his personal weapon and returned ‘fire’ – ‘killing’ (Sgt) Debra Clayton in a hail of bullets that impacted across her torso. Although the legal situating is clear – that (Sgt) Debra Clayton unlawfully drew her weapon off-duty and attempted to kill an unarmed Markeith Loyd – the US judiciary wants to charge Markeith Loyd with ‘murder’ and inflict the ‘death penalty’ for what amounts to a clear-cut case of ‘self-defence’. As (Sgt) Debra Clayton dutifully carried-out the anti-Black orders of the White Police Department she worked for – the powers at be post-humously ‘promoted’ her to the rank of ‘Lieutenant’ – so that her surviving family can receive a greater amount in compensation and pension pay-outs. In the meantime, the film-footage of the Orlando Police Department ‘beating’ a surrendering and unarmed Markeith Loyd to a pulp is currently easy to access on the internet. The implication is clear that Orland PD wanted to end the life of this Black man who has dared to stand-up to their White racism and their White violence! The following is a copy of Markrith Loyd’s hand-written letter to the US media within which he explains the situation he finds himself in:

Arrest of Markeith Loyd – Use of Excessive Force!

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