Texas: Fascist US Border Police Use ‘Whips’ on Haitian Migrants!

These Images can be added to the thousands of photographs of US soldiers murdering, maiming, raping and demeaning countless citizens of the world! This is a country that has propagated fascism and anti-intellectualism amongst its own people since the Great October Russian Revolution of 1917 – and tasked Edward Barneys with the mission of a) inventing and b) spreading an entirely ‘new’ form of working-class exploitation in the form of ‘Consumer Capitalism’! The working-class under US (bourgeois) control has been brain-washed through advertising to habitually ‘desire’ what it does not need – and to link the fulfilment of this irrational need with ‘happiness’! Photographs such as the above look like a film set depicting the 1850s (or earlier) and give the impression that the American Civil War (1861-1865) never happened!

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