Anthem of the Seas – Cruise to ‘Nowhere’ – 11th-15th of July, 2021!

This is a selection of the hundreds of photographs our family took whilst aboard the ‘Quantum Class’ Cruise-Liner ‘Anthem of the Seas’ – which is owned by Royal Caribbean International! This was part of the ‘999’ give-away deal which allocated ‘free’ four-day cruises to 999 members of the British NHS, Police, Prison Officers, Fire-Brigade, Army and other members of the Emergency Services! This was a ‘thank you’ by Royal Caribbean for the bravery and determination of the ‘Blue-Light’ Card holders who kept the UK safe during the ongoing Covid19 pandemic! My partner – Gee Wyles – won this cruise as she has served on the NHS frontline from day 1 of the emergency as a London Midwife! 

Kai-Lin Checks the Mirror in Our Stateroom!
Come On England! Euro 2020 in Our Stateroom!
Mei-An Sat on the Balcony of Our Stateroom!
Gee Receives ‘Breakfast in Bed’ Befitting of a Hero!
A Very Inquisitive ‘Aquatic’ Giraffe!
Gee’s Favourite Activity!
Baking-Hot on the Top-Deck!
Sky-Diving Simulator!
Time for a ‘Sneaky’ Selfie!
Windows into Other Realms!
Gee Swimming with the Children!
Mei-An Deep in Thought…
Kai-Lin Pretending to Actually Be a Mermaid!
Mei-An Attends the School Onboard and Acquires a Medal and Certificate!
Both Children Attended the Cruise School and Won Medals for Their Abilities!
Special ‘Onboard’ Cans of Coca Cola!
One of Our Favourite Restaurants!
The View From the Dinning room!
Watch a Magic-Show on Our Last Night!
The ‘Beautiful’ Atlantic Ocean – Somewhere Near Ireland!

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