Gee’s Cruise to ‘Nowhere’! – (11th-15th July, 2021) Southamption Around the Southern and Western UK – and Back Again (Without Stopping)!

Gee and Children Waiting to ‘Board’ at Southampton!
The Children Passed the ‘Flow’ Test!
Gee on the Balcony of the ‘Stateroom’ 0r ‘Cabin’ to You and Me!
Gee Looking as Beautiful as Ever!
A Few Changes of Clothes Later!
Both the Children Attended ‘Cruise School’ and Won Medals!
Gee Being Elegant!
Gee Shopping at the Ship’s ‘Mall’!
Gee Got a ‘Selflie’ With a Very Inquisitive Giraffe!
Gee Loves Rock-Climbing!
Gee and the Children Has Been Swimming!
Gee Enjoyed the Good Food that Was On Offer!
Gee’s Favourite Animal Made from Towels by Our Stateroom Cleaner!

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