Trump News: The Fascist Symbolism of the GETTR Motif!

Donald Trump Views Himself as a Reincarnation of Adolf Hitler!

Donald J Trump was the 45th President of the United States! He was brought to power by the very Bourgeois State that now confronts him and generates the false history that he and it were never ideologically aligned at any time in the previous four years! In fact, Donald Trump was exactly what the duplicitous and hypocritical bourgeois establishment wanted to see in power! The old racism was a prime mover behind this mission which saw the idea that a more violent and empowered police force will put an end to all crime happening in the capitalist system of the US! It never seems to occur to these intellectually deficient individuals that encouraging the police to violate the rights of the general public that pays its wages, is, by definition, breaking the law it swore to uphold and is adding to the over-all crime occurring in society! 

The Fascist Message of Trump – Picture Courtesy of GETTR App!

White racism and deficient education are a very real problem in the US and Europe – as one reinforces the other. Donald Trump lied and bluffed his way in big business and now believes that by employing this type of will-power – he can transform America as if it were one of his offices in a very tall building he happens to own! Again, this misconception of the reality of politics marks a clear ‘dumbing-down’ of the US system and is designed to keep the American people in a state of anti-intellectualism and violent behaviour! All the problems caused by White people are blamed by the fascists not on the White criminals – but rather upon their non-White victims! A large-scale example of what it is like to ‘blame the victim’! No problem caused by the ignorance of White race is their fault – but the fault of everyone else! Donald Trump presented this worn-out idea and gave a new impetus. As a highly effective fascist, Trump has helped White people to feel ‘good’ about their deficiencies! Police are killing non-White and poor Whites at record levels – and racism is very much back on the agenda! 

Neo-Nazi Symbolism Courtesy of GETTR App!

Whereas Biden is a White racist who operates within the boundaries that the bourgeoisie defined when his election was engineered – Trump refused to stay within the parameters that justified the money spent to grant him the political power the Presidency granted!  Trump far exceeded the intended script written for his administration and attempted to cut the bond between the Presidency and the bourgeoisie! He attempted to seize power alone – using his own personal fortune to replace the leverage guaranteed by the Bourgeois System. He very nearly succeeded by appealing to average White Americans who were prepared to use their fire-arms against the establishment to keep Donald Trump in place as if he were Adolf Hitler and the year was 1933! His near success of mobilising the masses for a fascist cause (that the Communist left has never achieved in the name of Socialism) rocked an established that was nearly removed through a neo-Nazi Revolution encouraged by Trump and carried-out by a population of White people whose educational standard is appalling!  

The Ukrainian ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi Section of GETTR!

These people frequent far-right (shock) video sites such (Gallo is a pure Trump-supporting fascist and unrepentant Neo-Nazi), and – both of which pretend to be ‘mainstream’ and ‘responsible’ – but which in reality routinely post murders, torture, rape, under-age sex, accidents and warfare footage (including executions), etc. These sites are not hidden on the dark or deep net, but are hidden in plain sight and cater to the disturbed racist and perverted appetites of White Supremacists – many of whom openly support Trump and applaud the police murder of George Floyd! Whereas Biden has kept up a Trump-level of anti-China racism, the bourgeois establishment he represents has entered into a civil war with Donald Trump who has been banned on Facebook and Twitter. Like all good and effective Neo-Nazis – Trump needs a wide audience to stoke the fires of racism, religion and class division! Fascism is a mass movement and requires a medium that recognised this. Gone are the days of a fascist leader winning power by talking to a crowded squire! 

Polish Neo-Nazis Send Their ‘Love’ to Donald Trump – Courtesy of GETTR!

This is where Trump’s supporters have quietly launched a new far-right app designed for Neo-Nazis to discuss their racism and plans for armed insurrection on a social media platform that Trump and his cronies actively control! The talk on computer sites is that GETTR is a cheap rip-off of an early incarnation of Twitter and may well be taken-down if this theft is proven in court. Trump was offered a 40% take-over deal if he teamed-up with the fascist Parler app – but the owners refused to agree that everyone who disagreed with Trump should be ‘banned’ as Trump wanted! As a consequence, the far-right, right-wing and conservative garbage that swills around US society has converged together on the GETTR app – where they spread QAnon nonsense, racism and pro-Israeli rhetoric! Indeed, there is a section for Israeli member communicating with one another in the Hebrew script – discussing their support for Neo-Nazi Ukraine and their plans for finishing the genocide of the Palestinians begun in 1947! This hated-filled White Supremacist rhetoric is translated into English and posted with respect throughout the community membership – with the thousands of members calling for Trump to stand again!  

GETTR Quiz Prize – Guessing How Many Deported from US in 2017!

The term ‘fascism’ derives from the Italian word ‘fascisti’ which implies a bright torch (or group of torches) which is held-up high by the chosen leader, and which lights the way in the darkness through which the Superior White race has to travel as it participates in a race-war across the globe! The White race can only prevail if held together by the one, great leader whose understanding, charm and intelligence binds ALL White people together in a manner that is unstoppable when confronted by the physical and psychological deficiencies of other races! Only the White race possesses this ability as the ‘brilliance’ of its White skin acts very much like the brightness of the guiding flame held aloft by the new Fuhrer – the one and only Donald Trump! As everything is about that which is ‘not spoken’ in the Trump world, GETTR seeks to communicate with its membership through the fascist symbol of the flaming torch held aloft by the ‘chosen one’!  

GRETTR: Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Posting Race-Hate Against England’s Black Players!

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