Cats Think Science is Very Important – As Is Being Alive!

Gee Gave Me This Badge – A ‘Quantum’ Moment…

Einstein stated that the phenomenon of ‘light’ is comprised of both a ‘particle’ and a ‘wave’. In other words, both a single ‘photon’ and simultaneously a ‘flow’ of ‘photons’ – without paradox, confusion or contradiction. This demonstrates that material existence can appear to be more than one thing at a time and not fall into the realms of ‘mysticism.’ Schrodinger’s Cat’, referenced (charmingly) above, is a thought experiment that demonstrates the ‘super-position’ of a quantum sub-atomic particle at any given moment. Simply stated, a sub-atomic particle appears to occupy more than one position in the material universe at any given moment. This can be further explained through the concept of ‘non-locality’ – whereby the ambiguous behaviour of a sub-atomic particle suggests it cannot be adequately ‘predicted’ or accurately ‘measured’ at any given moment – as it appears to both ‘exist’ and ‘non-exist’. Schrodinger sought to explain this oddity by suggesting that if a cat was hidden from view in a box – there would be an ‘equal’ chance of it being either ‘alive’ or ‘dead’ at any given moment the box is opened. However, whether the resident cat is ‘alive’ or ‘dead’ is not known until the observer opens the box and directly ‘looks’ at its content within. Schrodinger’s work suggests that the ‘act’ of looking into the box by the observer – actually ‘fixes’ whether the cat is ‘alive’ or ‘dead’ – and that a fully ‘objective’ science (entirely free of human conditioned perception) is impossible. In other words, regardless of how ‘objective’ material science might be as an effective developmental paradigm – human assumptions will creep into the ‘closed system’ in one way or another. In this regard, the pursuance of human scientific development appears to be a continuous striving to ‘purge’ the objective scientific process of this interference from the human imagination. This process may suggest that even with human imagination firmly pegged back and withdrawn from the picture, material science still relies upon human perception (and therefore a ‘base’ human input) for it to exist as a distinct phenomenon.

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