Euro 2020: England Beat the Germans – But Neo-Nazism is Coming Home to Rome! (29.6.2021)

England Knockout Germany – and Will Play Neo-Nazi Ukraine!

Football is only a game, of course, but just as the Eurovision Contest allows the terrorist Zionist State of Israel to enter each year – the European Football Authorities have allowed the neo-Nazi regime of ‘Maidan’ Ukraine to ‘normalise’ its fascistic presence on the international scene – as if its historical background does not matter! Sport has always contained a very strong political element within it, and has been used in the past to ‘prove’ the superiority of the predatory capitalist system over that of Socialism! This is despite many of the best athletes in the West coming from impoverished backgrounds and suffering terribly from deficiencies in every aspect of a modern, civilised existence! Indeed, whilst ‘competing’ for their respective countries, unless they are from affluent backgrounds, they are usually registered as ‘unemployed’ and made to live off the benefit system! The Western media seldom shows this side of its glittering system – unless it is in an attempt to justify this inherent poverty through a ‘rags to riches story’ – such as that found in the thoroughly bourgeoise ‘Rocky’ franchise! 

In 2014, the first African-American President of the United States – Barack Obama – initiated his plan of the ‘re-Nazification’ of Eastern Europe as a means to galvanise public opinion in these countries toward ‘opposing’ rather than ‘supporting’ Russia. This process would turn history on its head using US anti-intellectualism and Cold War Disinformation. Those elements of these countries who had collaborated with the Nazi German invaders of the USSR – and committed War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity against the Soviet population – were now to be viewed as ‘heroes’ and ‘freedom fighters’ who supported the ‘liberation’ of their countries from Soviet tyranny by Nazi German troops! As you can see, this turns history one hundred and eighty degrees and gives a completely ‘inverted’ and untrue interpretation of historical events a) as they happened, and b) as they were interpreted and experienced by those involved! This follows on from the US nonsense of claiming there was no difference between the USSR and the Nazi Germans during WWII! The ridiculous nature of this assumption is exposed by the fact that the US and USSR were allies during WWII (1941-1945)! 

As Obama did not like the fact that the Ukrainian people had democratically voted-in a left of centre government that was friendly toward Russia – he had a very vocal far-right minority movement in the Ukraine (supported by the EU) armed and financed so that it was ready to illegally seize power and declare the Ukrainian State an ally of the US and the EU and a sworn enemy of Russia! The purpose of this ‘Maidan’ movement was to breathe new life in the collaborationist movement that had supported the Nazi Germans between 1941-1945, and which had fought on after the war between 1945-1947! Nazi German Officers volunteered to remain behind as the Nazi German Army retreated Westward – and continued to lead the bands of Ukrainians who were mostly ‘Catholic’ doing the bidding of the pro-fascist Catholic Church in Rome! These heavily armed and well supplied bands dug-in in the Western forests of the Ukraine and had to be dealt with by specially trained NKVD Troops once the Red Army had left the area – pursuing the retreating Nazi Germans. The NKVD reported that a number of arms stashes had been discovered supplied to these fascists by the US and UK! At the time, and given that the USSR, UK and US were still ‘allies’, Joseph Stalin chose to turn a blind-eye to the situation. 

The Soviet Red Army ‘crushed’ the regular Nazi German military formations and pursued the retreating Germans out of Soviet territory. In the meantime, the young, fit and well educated and fed men and women of the Special NKVD Troops were brought into the area to take on these fascists. NKVD Troops of this kind were better educated, motivated and trained than the average Red Army soldier. They were also better armed – often using new and experimental weaponry. The NKVD Troops fought fire with fire and the fighting between the two-sides was brutal and relentless. After two-years, the remaining Ukrainian traitors quietly put-down their arms and reintegrated back into society. The modern ‘Maidan’ movement is thought to be the descendent of this movement – ironically still backed by the United States – but now in a much more obvious manner! In 1956, neo-Nazis still holding-out in Hungary staged an uprising presented by the Western capitalists as ‘freedom fighting’! In fact, all throughout Eastern Europe there were pro-fascist movements that took years to stamp-out by the USSR!  

In the EURO-2020 tonight, England beat Germany 2 – 0, whilst the Ukraine beat Sweden 2 – 1 (after 30 minutes of extra-time). England will now meet the Ukraine in the Quarter Finals in Rome (next Saturday) – 3.7.2021. Rome, of course, is the home of Italian Fascism, and the Roman catholic Church which supported fascism before, during and after WWII – arranging for notorious Nazi War Criminals to escape justice and live-out their lives in Catholic countries throughout South America! The Communist Party is banned in the Ukraine and schools now teach their children that the Nazi Germans ‘liberated’ their country from Soviet tyranny – and although they did kill a lot of people, this killing was required to protect and ensure their new-found freedom! This is the true legacy of the first African-American President in the White House – the embracing of fascism and neo-Nazism! The barbarity of the ‘Maidan’ movement will now be rewarded with a highly lucrative game of international football with an England side whose ancestors steadfastly fought against fascism before (in the Spanish Civil War) and during WWII!  

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