Trotskyite Agent or Soviet Master-Spy? – Juliet Stuart Poyntz (1887-1937)


The forces of US anti-intellectualism like to present anyone who is openly a ‘Communist’ as being someone who is ‘misled’ and soon learns ‘the errors of their ways’. The underlying implication is that bourgeois predatory capitalism is the only possible socio-economic system humanity can follow (despite its relatively ‘recent’ development), and that there is ‘nothing ‘scientific’ or dialectically ‘inevitable’ about Communist ideology. As usual, the world of bourgeois stupidity has presented reality in its ‘inverted’ and ‘misleading’ image! Interestingly, the US take on ‘Juliet Stuart Poyntz’ is determined to present this Oxford-educated woman as being the ‘victim of Stalin’ – when in all likelihood she was the victim of Trotsky! As the US-controlled (English-language) Wikipedia states – Juliet Stuart Poyntz supposedly travelled to the USSR in 1936 and after supposedly ‘witnessing’ the alleged ‘purges’ carried-out by Stalin – she apparently ‘resigned’ her membership of the Communist Party of the United States! The problem is that when cross-referenced with Russian language sources, none of this true. 

Between 1933 – 1939 for the UK – and 1933 – 1941 for the US, Hitler’s Nazi Germany was viewed by the Western democracies as something of an ally in the fight against International Communism! In 1936, the West backed the Catholic fascist – General Franco – in his armed rebellion against the democratically elected ‘Socialist’ government in Spain! Whilst Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany poured arms and aid into the Franco camp – only the USSR stood firmly in the fight against fascism! This is at the time that the British Trotskyite – George Orwell – travelled to Spain to join a pro-Trotskyite Anarchist militia tasked with bringing-down the Socialist Resistance to fascism from within!  Also, in the year 1936 – Joseph Stalin personally put his name to the Constitution of the USSR – which even today is considered one of the greatest documents of human freedom! All this positive activity was unfolding despite the best efforts of Leon Trotsky who had been exiled for his crimes against the USSR in 1929! Although in 1938 Trotsky would call for his followers to support the International Fascist Movement – his real aim was to over-throw Soviet Communism and instigate a Western-style capitalism upon its people!  

Juliet Stuart Poyntz was born in Omaha, Nebraska. She left home as a teenager and moved to New York. Poyntz graduated from Barnard College and became a teacher. After receiving a scholarship from the Federation of Women’s Clubs, she went to England, where she studied at Oxford University and the London School of Economics. She returned to New York in 1909 and became a member of the Socialist Party. Four years later, she married Friedrich Glaser, attaché to the German consulate in New York. After the revolution in Russia, Juliet Stuart Poyntz became a member of the US Communist Party. She stood as a candidate for the New York State Attorney General – representing the Communist Party, but was defeated. In 1934, (a year after Hitler had come to power) she was summoned to Moscow, where she underwent special training in the NKVD (this inconvenient fact is often ‘omitted’ from the general Western histories). Through her husband – Friedrich Glaser – it is thought she was corrupted by Hitler’s association with Trotsky and was ‘turned’ against the Marxist-Leninist cause. This corruption was either known before her travelling to the USSR in 1934 – or was discovered once she arrived in Moscow through her behaviour and expressed opinions, etc. 

In late May (or early June) 1937, she seemingly disappeared. The well-known Trotskyite and anti-Communist – Carlo Tresca – editor of the Trotskyite newspaper – Il Martello (Hammer) – said (without providing any objective or supporting evidence) that Juliet Stuart Poyntz was kidnapped and killed by Soviet agents for speaking out against Stalin and the Soviet Union, and the USSR feared that she might expose spy network, in the creation of which she took part. In 1937, Carlo Tresca was a member of the Dewey Commission, which laughingly cleared Leon Trotsky of all charges for which he was found ‘guilty’ during the Moscow Trials. Tresca not only followed the US dictate of equating ‘Socialism’ with ‘fascism’ – but also used his newspapers to mount a public campaign criticising the Mafia. He was assassinated in New York in January 1943 allegedly by Carmine Galante. The point is that Carlo Tresca possessed no special knowledge of either the USSR, Juliet Stuart Poyntz or the world of fascism – but he did prefer the predatory capitalism of the US! He made-up unverified stories which the US peddles for propaganda purposes. For instance, it is claimed by him that two Soviet agents – Georg Mink and Hugo Marks – kidnapped Juliet Stuart Poyntz and took her aboard a Soviet merchant ship sailing from New York, and there they killed her, then abandoned body into the Atlantic Ocean. 

According to a book by Benjamin Gitlow, a founding member of the CPUSA, Poyntz was a delegate to several consecutive American Communist Party conventions, and was a member of the Party’s Central Executive Committee, besides being on New York’s District Executive Committee. She had even gone to China on a Comintern (Communist International) mission, and had dropped out of the CPUSA in 1934 in order to work for the OGPU (Soviet military secret police) in gathering scientific information for the Soviet Union. In 1936, Poyntz secretly travelled to Moscow to receive further instructions from Soviet authorities, and was seen there in the company of George Mink (alias Minkoff), an American later implicated in the disappearance of several Trotskyites during the Spanish Civil War. There is a theory, however, that to pursue her allotted tasks as a Soviet agent – she had to literally ‘disappear’ – as she was far too well-known to be an effective spy. It could be that what is perpetuated in the West is nothing but her ‘cover-story’ designed to give the impression that she no longer exists. Whatever the true facts of the case, the above story (if true) seems to be a monumental fall from grace! This all goes to show just how ‘dangerous’ Leon Trotsky was and the reactionary power he possessed to destroy the lives of others! 

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