White Media Feeding-Frenzy – An Example of Racist Reporting in the US! (2021)

A very good friend of mine once said that the White media in the US only depicts the Black community in its worst possible light – ignoring all of its great achievements and only focusing on the criminal, the mishaps and the injurious, etc. By way of contrast, the default setting for the mainstream media is to present ‘White’ community exclusively through its outstanding accomplishments with all its many aberrations presented for what they are – unfortunate and momentary distractions and side-issues. In this regard, the ‘White’ mainstream media behaves exactly as the far-right (fascist) media behaves – extolling the White race as ‘superior’ and every other race as being terminally flawed with no way of redeeming themselves! This should not be surprising or particularly controversial as it is just how ‘White’ systemic racism actually works.  

Although I have linked the ‘Daily Dot’ above – this media outlet simply follows the mainstream trend of normalising Eurocentric racism through its reporting. In this respect, and as evidenced by its reporting style, the ‘racist’ nature of this story is by no means unusual and to be expected amongst the ‘White’ American community (indeed, the Daily.Dot conveys sentiment in its article that can be found word for word on far-right websites in the US). The story itself is absurd with the focus being (as usual) on the behaviour of the ‘Black’ person concerned. The women in question is filmed by a White American man – a fellow customer in the burger-bar – who whilst witnessing the entire episode makes no attempt whatsoever to intercede in the situation – either on behalf of the complaining woman or the staff she is berating and attacking. Indeed, by his comments – the man with the camera appears to be ‘enjoying’ the spectacle before posting the video all over the internet (including notorious far-right ‘shock’ sites)!  

There is no proof that the narrative established by the ‘White’ media is ‘legally’ or ‘factually’ correct – as the video only starts to record two or three minutes AFTER the incident that sparked-off the entire set of happenings. The ‘White’ media takes on ‘faith’ that what was reported was ‘correct’ (like a religious belief) even though there was no evidence on film to support that narrative. And what was that narrative and why was it embraced so emphatically by the ‘White’ media? Well, the narrative is the much-used fallacy that Black people are irrational, brutish and animalistic in their behaviour, and that no matter how accommodating, kind or considerate ‘White’ people in authority are – Black people will ALWAYS respond with unwarranted violence and naked aggression! Obviously, with such a popular narrative in operation within the ‘White’ media, it follows that there can be no genuine reason for a Black person to respond with violence when confronted by a sea of ‘Whiteness’. 

The ‘White’ media this time informs us that the Black woman was ‘triggered’ in her less than human outburst of aggression because the burger-bar staff ‘refused’ to serve her a drink containing ‘three flavours’ of slushies mixed in the same cup. Really? The ‘White’ media presents this request as if the woman in question requested some weird and wonderful science experiment that simply could not be fulfilled in a burger-bar at such short notice! The ‘White’ woman who caused all this trouble is seen attempting to communicate ‘why’ she has chosen not to serve the customer – but she speaks with slurred and slowed speech like someone suffering learning difficulties. If this is correct, ‘why’ was this vulnerable individual left on the front counter by the ‘White’ Manager when she obviously does not possess the cognitive or social skills to handle the general public in a safe and appropriate manner? Indeed, far from being the ‘heroine’ of the situation, the ‘White’ Manager further compounded her lack of organisational skills by totally failing to a) take control of the situation, b) de-escalate the situation and c) placate the customer! Her lack of basic Management skills would suggest that she is inept and should not be in a position of Staff Management or Customer Control! 

The dim-witted burger-bar employee was allowed to stand on the Customer side of the counter by the ‘White’ Manager and continue to irritate her with comments toward the Customer. This lack of Management skills by the ‘White’ Manager led to yet more violence as the Black woman verbally and physically attacked the ‘White’ employee. This time, however, the ‘White’ employee took the Customer to the floor and for about ten to fifteen seconds continued to rain blows onto the undefended head of the Customer as she rolled around on the floor. This was not ‘self-defence’ as the ‘White’ media would have its readership believe! Self-defence is the nullification of an attack and nothing else. As soon as the Black woman was on the floor the ‘self-defence’ legal scenario ceased to be in operation. As soon as the ‘White’ employee mounted the supine Customer and continued to rain-down seemingly endless punches upon the Customers unprotected head – the situation legally transitioned into an ‘assault’ being committed by the ‘White’ employee! Of course, neither the Daily.Dot or any other ‘White’ news outlet will inform its readership of this legal reality as it serves to ‘undermine’ the ‘White’ racist narrative of Black criminality! A final disturbing observation is that the approaching police officers witnessed the assault by the ‘White’ employee on the Black Customer – but chose to ignore it – choosing instead to arrest the Black Customer for seeming to run at the ‘White’ employee in their presence! After the Black Customer was ‘charged’ the Management of the burger-bar was advised to keep the seating area ‘closed’ for a day in case Black Lives Matter protestors turned-up in support of the Black Customer! 

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