Why Are Black People Attacking Chinese People?

At the moment, a new epidemic is occurring primarily in the US – but is beginning to spread to Europe. It involves people of African-Caribbean descent actively seeking-out vulnerable Chinese people and committing acts against them. This usually involves walking past and suddenly lashing-out with a fist or foot – usually catching the Chinese victim completely unawares and knocking them to the floor – many being rendered unconscious. On occasion, the attack is followed-up with a cascade extra kicks and punches to the head and body of the Chinese person as they lie unconscious on the ground. In virtually all cases I have reviewed on CCTV footage, no one comes to the aid or the Chinese victim or attempts to ‘arrest’ or ‘detain’ the attacker! 

The attackers are mostly Black men and women aged between 20 to 40 years old – and their victims are often Chinese women aged 40 to 60 years old, although I have seen a group of teenaged Chinese women attacked by a single Black woman. Around 90% of these racist attacks against the Chinese community in the US are carried-out by highly motivated sand aggressive Black men and women – with around 10% (according to the film footage) being carried-out by non-Black people. In an attempt to avoid reporting it as it is, the media in the US are simply limit the impact of the reality by implying that this problem is a ‘system-wide’ phenomenon – rather than a distinctly ‘Black’ issue. In other words, the attacking of Chinese people in the US is a very virulent expression of Black criminality which the mainstream US media is refusing to report properly.  

This situation has been made worse by BLM being rumoured as legally supporting a number of Black criminals who have been filmed attacking vulnerable Chinese people before being arrested and ‘charged’ with ‘assault’! The message being perpetuated by BLM in this situation seems to be that unbridled Black criminality is part of what they consider to be ‘anti-racism’! This distorted attitude can be seen in the case of a group of Black women smashing-up a Korean-owned shop and beating the female owner ‘unconscious’! BLM came to rescue of this group of violent women by suggesting that ‘they’ were the victims of a racist situation, whilst the Korean shop-owner was lying in a hospital bed receiving treatment for a broken-jaw and severe concussion! Black criminality and anti-Chinese racism should be ‘condemned’ for what it is by BLM – and not supported as if it were part of some greater enlightened plan! 

Why are Black people engaging in this activity? I suspect that what the perpetrators view as Black assertiveness is nothing other than an ‘internalisation’ of White (racist) anti-Chinese attitudes that have been successfully transmitted into the Black consciousness through the US media and education system. The false propaganda of the Chinese government supposedly placing millions of Uyghur Muslims in Concentration Camps – or the equally ‘false’ idea that Covid19 is a bio-chemical weapon produced in a Chinese lab are fictitious stories fuelling these attacks! Of course, although Communist China has always supported the fight for Black freedom from White racism – there has always been a Black minority view that Chinese people are no different to White people! Again, I would suggest that this attitude originates in the dominant White community and has been transplanted into the minds of oppressed populations of Black people!  

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