Communism and the Dialectical LGBTQNB+ Movement!

The Hammer and Sickle ‘Frees’ All Workers!

Author’s Note: Many LGBTQNB+ movements are openly hostile to the political left and are quite happy to campaign for their rights within the capitalist system! In other words, such movements paradoxically seek ‘freedom’ within the socio-economic system that has trapped them in an existential world of illegality, sordidness and persecution! Nothing good can come from capitalism. This is why the LGBTQNB+ movement has to align itself firmly with the ideology of Marxist-Leninism and make an effort to intellectually ‘justify’ this position! The LGBTQNB+ community must put a stop to all reactionary manifestations that blindly follow the disinformation of the US Cold War project (now applied toward China, the DPRK, Laos and Vietnam, etc). Many of the early Bolsheviks surrounding Lenin were openly gay and when he abolished the blatantly ‘anti-Gay’ Czarist laws – he refused to re-instate them within a Socialist guise! Even Joseph Stalin refused to bring in anti-gay laws despite the West demonising his memory and spreading all kinds of false lies about him! The LGBTQNB+ Cause has a clear history and dialectical reality which must be explored, considered and analysed. Only then will what is existentially ‘correct’ from a Socialist point of view become apparent! ACW (23.5.2021) 

Gee and Kai-Lin Holding the ‘Bisexual’ Communist Flag!

Tolerance, understanding and acceptance cannot be forced or contrived, as they are distinct attributes of the ongoing product of accumulative, dialectical understanding. There might be ‘tolerance’ but with no understating ‘why’ – just as there can be ‘understanding’ with no accompanying ‘tolerance’, etc. The concept of LGTBQNB+ should have a natural home within the Communist left, but some leftists still maintain an intolerant attitude toward this community. This stems from the idea that non- heterosexual identity has its roots not in the politics of progressive choice, but is rather a manifestation of the decadent nature of bourgeois decadence and blatant, self-serving individualism. This is the same ‘individualism’ that serves as the basis of predatory capitalism and is assumed to be an expression of that anti-working-class ideology. There is a logic to this reasoning which was supported by medical thinking in the USSR. Homosexuality and deviation from the accepted heterosexual norm were considered the product of the experience of sexual stimulus far too early in a child’s development. It was found that if a child was either exposed to adults engaging in sexual activity (even by accident), or was a victim of child sexual abuse, the sexual mechanism residing within their body chemistry and genetic programming would be triggered and activated. It was also discovered that once a child’s sexual desire mechanism was triggered – it could not be switched off and the child could not cognitively or physically be returned to a ‘pre-triggered’ state of being. Regardless of how young the child, this invariably meant that their childhood of innocence was over and that their behaviour often became sexually inappropriate toward other children and adults! To protect children from this premature ‘triggering’ and the development of deviant sexual activity, the USSR passed the first laws in history protecting children from sexual abuse. As adult men abusing boys was seen as the blue-print of this child sexual abuse – these laws targeted gay sexuality expressed within this format.  

Mei-An (Left), Kai-Lin (Centre) and Gee (Right)!

Although the USSR abolished the anti-gay Czarist legal code – its legal system had nothing to say about consenting adults engaging in homosexual activity – even though the Socialist System considered the heterosexual family to be the basic unit of social organisation. The scientific situation today is not so clear-cut despite the Soviet observations about the exposure of young children to unwarranted sexuality being found essentially correct. Child sexual abuse, however, should not be conflated with consenting adults engaging in homosexual or non-binary sexuality or transsexual identity. The Communist left must dialectically build upon the firm foundations of protecting children from vulnerable sexual abuse, whilst simultaneously recognising the rights of LGTBQNB+ adults to express these identities as part of the progressive nature of society. It is only through discussion, education and experience that ‘tolerance’ and ‘understanding’ coalesce into a fully developed dialectical approach that can progress the Communist Cause! 

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