Trump Uprising and Media Manipulation…

A Trump-Era Migrant ‘Concentration Camp’

As the Western media presents the news in trends that best serves its Eurocentric agenda (and concerns of the moment), there is the possibility that anti-Asian hate-crimes are being committed by ‘Whites’ in the vast majority – but are being portrayed as being mostly (or equally) instigated by ‘non-Whites’ – in this case African-Americans. This does not absolve the African-Americans responsible – but it does demonstrate how the White community is using the media to generate anti-Black sentiment amongst its audience with the aim of undermining the sympathy BLM has generated in recent months. If the onus of anti-Asian hate-crime is deceitfully ‘shifted’ by the media to the Black community – then the White media has successfully come to the aid of the White establishment is the post-Trump era. The only reason Trump became unpopular amongst the White media that got him elected – is that he called-out the same media for its use of ‘fake news’ – or the very mechanism through which the White media retains control of a society heavily influenced by the internet! An example of how ‘reality’ is now be re-shaped can be seen in how Trump’s ‘attack on Congress’ is being presented – a mass movement which was incredibly popular at the time with the media – is now being portrayed by the same media as an insane act of a despot who was close to losing power, supported by a misled minority of right-wing voters! What really happened, is that the brain-washing that usually ensures an anti-Socialist (hyper) individuality fell apart under Trump’s mesmerising influence, and a ‘collective’ zeitgeist gripped the American people! Although ‘right-wing’ in nature and fascistic in actuality, the White bourgeois establishment could not allow ‘collectively’ on any level or in the service of any political ideology – as it would mean that the US bourgeoisie that has controlled the means of production since 1776 – would lose that control to what appears to be a right-wing, racist and fascistic working-class movement! This could have seen the bourgeoisie lose control of US society and a ‘Revolution’ of sorts could have taken place – but premised upon White Supremacy and the normalisation of racism in the US. As matters stand, Biden is no different to Hillary Clinton – and the racism he represents is far more acceptable to the White establishment than Trump’s far more honest racism! Biden is very much ‘business as usual’ for acceptable US racism – whereas Trump, I am convinced, represents Concentration Camps and genocide. Black and Asian people (amongst others), must come together out of sheer self-defence and self-organise amongst Marxist-Leninist lines. The White working-class of America must self-organise and unite around Marxist-Leninism. The United States will eventually evolve out of this capitalist nightmare and into a Socialist Revolution that eradicate predatory capitalism and all its inherent contradictions that cause so much suffering to the ordinary people of the world!  

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