The Hypocrisy of Jacob Bronowski (1908-1974)

‘Of course, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in The Communist Manifesto did not cause the revolutions in Europe; but they gave them their voice. It was the voice of insurrection. A spate of disaffection ran through Europe against the Bourbons, the Habsburgs, and governments everywhere. Paris was in turmoil in February of 1848, and Vienna and Berlin followed.’

Jacob Bronowski: The Ascent of Man, BBC, (1973), Page 379

The USSR Secured the ‘Freedom’ Against Fascism that Bronowski and His Family Enjoyed!

Jacob Bronowski is well known for his drive to make science more available to the general public. Perhaps his greatest success in this area is the (1973) BBC-made documentary the ‘Ascent of Man. – a thirteen-part series conveying the science of evolution through natural selection. This coincided with a hardback-book exploring the series – which was intended to be a scientific accompaniment to the historian – Kenneth Clark’s – renowned (1969) documentary entitled ‘Civilisation’ – which explores the cultural development of humanity. Jacon Bronowski was born in Poland to Jewish parents who had been married in the UK a year previously (in 1907). Following the October Russian Revolution in 1917, the Imperial German Army (together with the British, US and many other Armies) deliberately invaded Revolutionary Russia (in early 1918) with the united aim of killing Lenin and ending the workers’ uprising and destroying the Socialist Revolution! Whilst British and German troops were still killing one another in France and Belgium – exactly the same German and British troops were fighting side-by-side in Revolutionary Russia with the common goal of destroying Socialism!  

Michael Parkinson (Right) with Jacob Bronowski (Left) – 1973 – He Discusses ‘Auschwitz’ But ‘Omits’ Any Mention of the Soviet Red Army ‘Liberating’ the Nazi German Death Camp!

From around March, 1918, the German troops occupied Poland and parts of Western Ukraine. This move was very popular in these areas – especially amongst the Catholic population. This popularity would be rekindled 23-years later (in 1941), when Nazi German troops re-occupied these areas as they moved into a full-scale invasion of the USSR – massacring millions in the process! Although many Jewish people supported Socialism to varying degrees – this was not the case of Jacon Bronowski – whose family followed the retreating German troops back to Germany in late 1918 – and then after the defeat of Imperial Germany – his family finally migrated to and settled in the UK. As a consequence, Jacob Bronowski experienced a thoroughly bourgeois upbringing before finally attending Cambridge University specialising in mathematics (he would later switch to biology). 

Although Now ‘Dated’ – the ‘Science’ is Considered Essentially ‘Correct’!

During WWII, Jacob Bronowski worked for the British government – developing more statistically ‘effective’ bombing patterns for the RAF to apply. These ‘patterns’ were designed to maximise German civilian and military causalities, and to cause as much material damage to Germany’s infrastructure as possible! Immediately after the war – Jacob Bronowski was invited to Hiroshima and Nagasaki to observe first-hand the devastating effects of the two atoms bombs dropped by the USAF. To recap; during WWI Jacob Bronowski’s family chose Germany over Britain – until Britain defeated Germany – then his family chose Britain over Germany. He experienced a privileged ‘White’ middle-class upbringing in the UK – becoming a government-level statistician. He used these ‘probability’ skills to assist the RAF to kill more German people in the most efficient manner. After WWII, Jacob Bronowski slowly turned his attention to the subject of biology (searching for a ‘natural’ explanation of human violence). 

Jacob Bronowski is Buried in Highgate Cemetery – North London

In his 1973 book entitled ‘The Ascent of Man’, the only mention of anything to do with the Soviet Union is in his following statement discussing the nomadic culture found in Afghanistan, and its ‘war-like’ tribal games: 

The Buz Kashi is a war game. What makes electric is the cowboy ethic: riding as an act of war. It expresses the monomaniac culture of conquest; the predator posing as a hero because he rides the whirlwind. But the whirlwind is empty. Horse or tank, Genghis Khan or Hitler or Stalin, it can only feed on the labours of other men. The nomad in his last historic role as warmaker is still an anachronism, and worse, in a world that he has discovered, in the last twelve thousand years, that civilisation is made by settled people.’ 

Jacob Bronowski: The Ascent of Man, BBC, (1973), Page 86 

Jacob Bronowski Ironically Sided with the Dogma of ‘Capitalism’!

Not one mention of all the capitalist leaders that have collectively caused the deaths of untold millions over the last five-hundred years of free market economics! (One example involves the intellectual and physical destruction inflicted upon Europe of the Christian Church – estimated to have killed around ten-million people over the last one-thousand years)! If he was alive today, he could have included the fact that since 1945-2021 – the US Military has killed between 20-30 million around the world in pursuit of expanding the capitalist markets around the world! This great and proclaimed ‘master of knowledge’ says nothing about the murderous capacity of the capitalist socio-economic system! This is because Jacob Bronowski accepts and perpetuates the convention of the normalisation of capitalist murder and mayhem!

Moses is a ‘Zionist’ Myth and Never Existed!

Any book purporting to be ‘scientific’ in nature is only as strong as its weakest line of reasoning – and the above reference is a very weak line of reasoning indeed! Furthermore, today such sentiment comes across as distinctly ‘racist’. Like many European portrayals of Africa being inhabited by tribal peoples without either clothes or houses – Jacob Bronowski deliberately perpetuates the racist ‘myth’ that there is ‘no settled’ people in Afghanistan! Indeed, this is so incorrect that it beggar’s belief! At the time of the publishing of this book, the ‘settled’ Afghan people living in the cities and towns had a developed ‘democracy’ that had just ‘voted’ to instigate a wide-ranging raft of ‘Socialist’ reforms. Of course, the US did not like the idea of a country so close to the USSR deciding (democratically) to adopt ‘Socialism’, and so the CIA set-about generating the ‘Islamo-fascist’ movement as a form of so-called ‘popular resistance’ to this ‘Socialism’ – primarily in the peripheral (and highly ‘illiterate’) tribal areas! (Hillary Clinton would later admit to this policy on ‘live’ TV). This is how Jacob Bronowski (and the BBC) attempted to use the authority of ‘science’ to propagate a ‘racist’ mythology about Afghanistan (and it was done so using very few – but highly effective number of words). The Soviet Red Army would enter Afghanistan in 1979 at the behest of the elected Afghan government to fight the US build-up of Islamic terrorist forces in the region.  

Capitalism Expresses No Loyalty to Its Supporters – Today – Jacob Bronowski Is Virtually Unknown!

What we also see here, however, is that as a ‘Jew’, Jacob Bronowski pursues the usual ‘Zionist’ strategy of writing the USSR out of the history of WWII. When he was interviewed by Michael Parkinson, Jacob Bronowski mentions his visit to the Nazi German Concentration Camp of Auschwitz (which was then located within ‘Socialist’ Poland). He explained that a number of his extended family were killed at this place – but makes no mention that Poland was a thoroughly ‘fascist’ country throughout the 1930s from which many thousands of Jews had to flee for their own safety! (Indeed, fascist Poland founded its first ‘Concentration Camp’ at ‘Bereza’ as early as 1934)! The country that Hitler invaded in 1939 was a ‘fascist’ Poland that had been his loyal ally up until that point of betrayal. So much for ‘Bronowski’ the man who searches for truth! Furthermore, whilst remaining loyal to the US disinformation of equating Joseph Stalin to Adolf Hitler – Jacob Bronowski fails to mention that the USSR was a staunch ally of the UK and the US – and that it was the Soviet Red Army that ‘Liberated’ Auschwitz from Nazi German control! He also convenient omits the fact that between 27-40 million Soviet men, women and children were killed in the USSR during the Nazi German invasion! This Cold War disinformation is how Jacob Bronowski repaid the Soviet Sacrifice! The British Establishment attempted to ‘hide’ the anti-Communist position of Jacob Bronowski by issuing an MI5 Report that he may have been a Communist sympathiser! This led to his family reacting with indignation – stating that he was avidly ‘pro-capitalist’ – whilst remaining an advocate of ‘free-thinking’, and that he remained anti-Soviet to the end of his life! Of course, he could have been a ‘Trotskyite’ – which amounts to him being a supporter of bourgeois democracy and its capitalist system!

Jacob Bronowski Getting Himself in ‘Deep-Water’!

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