Black Community in US Must Put Its Own House in Order!

African-American Man Beats 61-Year-Old Asian Man into Coma!

Whilst the Black community campaigns against White racism, institutional racism and police violence and prejudice – a certain strata of the that same Black community is deliberately targeting so-called ‘Asian-Americans’ (assuming they are all ‘Chinese’ – presumably because they have fallen for the White-generated ‘lies’ that the Chinese people deliberately released the Covid19 virus onto the world – and that there exists concentration camps housing Chinese-Muslims (Uyghur) in the Xinjiang area! Neither of these two myths are ‘true’ – but this situation does demonstrate the power of White racism and how some Black people internalise these ideas and then act upon them! This is exactly what the White establishment wants! It wants to see non-White communities fighting and killing one another instead of uniting to fight the White racism they are both the historical victims of!

Clearer Picture of ‘Black’ Suspect!

The above video records the vicious attack carried-out against a 61-year-old Chinese-American man. Police reported that he was attacked in East Harlem by an African-American man who kicked him repeatedly in the head – with the victim remaining in a medically induced coma – whilst the police continue their search for the suspect.

The elderly man was collecting cans when he was attacked from behind, knocked to the ground and kicked repeatedly in the head – shortly after 8 p.m. Friday. He was taken to Harlem Hospital in critical but stable condition, police said.

Surveillance video – released by the police – appears to show the attacker stomping on the victim’s head. Police have not specified a motive. The department’s hate crimes task force is investigating the attack – the latest in a troubling rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in New York (and around the country) – many committed by African-Americans.

Mayor Bill de Blasio called the attack “outrageous” on Twitter. “Make no mistake, we will find the perpetrator and they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” de Blasio said Saturday.


  1. American/Canadian residents and citizens of East Asian heritage have been increasingly verbally and/or physically assaulted during the last year, the perpetrators perhaps under some delusion their targets are willful creators/spreaders of Covid-19. Today, an East Asian woman was unprovokedly attacked with a hammer in cosmopolitan New York City, resulting in her decision to return home to Taiwan. Many assault victims have no Chinese lineage, ironically, though their assailants seem to not care, maybe due to a hateful perception that they are ‘all the same’. (I can imagine the shameful pleasure felt — and rampant media posts left — by white supremists upon learning the accused racist is not Caucasian!) Meanwhile, overlooked is that there’s a good chance the assault victims came to the West to leave precisely that which so many Westerners currently dislike about some authoritarian East Asian nation governments.

    The unprovoked hatred can be even more intense if the target happens to be deemed professionally successful and/or has managed greater savings (etcetera), regardless of it all having been through hard work and/or thrift budgeting. Sometimes the victim is a convenient political football or scapegoat. The current anti-Asian abuse brings to my mind the 2007-08 financial crisis, which resulted in the biggest, and perhaps the most culpably corrupt, mainstream U.S. bankers not being criminally indicted but rather given their multi-million-dollar performance bonuses via taxpayer-funded bailout. Yet, the feds, in a classical cowardly move, only charged some high-level staff with a relatively small-potatoes Chinese-American community bank as a figurative sacrificial lamb that couldn’t really fight back and who looked different from most other Americans.

    Sadly, some people will always find an excuse to despise the ‘other’ or ‘them’.

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    1. Thank you for your interesting comment. As the Western media presents the news in trends that best serves its Eurocentric agenda (and concerns of the moment), there is the possibility that anti-Asian hate-crimes are being committed by ‘Whites’ in the vast majority – but are being portrayed as being mostly (or equally) instigated by ‘non-Whites’ – in this case African-Americans. This does not absolve the African-Americans responsible – but it does demonstrate how the White community is using the media to generate anti-Black sentiment amongst its audience with the aim of undermining the sympathy BLM has generated in recent months. If the onus of anti-Asian hate-crime is deceitfully ‘shifted’ by the media to the Black community – then the White media has successfully come to the aid of the White establishment is the post-Trump era. The only reason Trump became unpopular amongst the White media that got him elected – is that he called-out the same media for its use of ‘fake news’ – or the very mechanism through which the White media retains control of a society heavily influenced by the internet! An example of how ‘reality’ is now be re-shaped can be seen in how Trump’s ‘attack on Congress’ – a mass movement which was incredibly popular at the time with the media – is now being portrayed by the same media as an insane act of a despot who was close to losing power, supported by a misled minority of right-wing voters! What really happened, the brain-washing that usually ensures an anti-Socialist (hyper) individuality fell apart under Trump’s mesmerising influence, and a ‘collective’ zeitgeist gripped the American people! Although ‘right-wing’ in nature and fascistic in actuality, the White bourgeois establishment could not allow ‘collectively’ on any level or in the service of any political ideology – as it would mean that the US bourgeoisie that has controlled the means of production since 1776 – would lose that control to what appears to be a right-wing, racist and fascistic working-class movement! This could have seen the bourgeoisie lose control of US society and a ‘Revolution’ of sorts could have taken place – but premised upon White Supremacy and the normalisation of racism in the US. As matters stand, Biden is no different to Hillary Clinton – and the racism he represents is far more acceptable to the White establishment than Trump’s far more honest racism! Biden is very much ‘business as usual’ for acceptable US racism – whereas Trump, I am convinced, represents Concertation Camps and genocide. Black and Asian people (amongst others), must come together out of sheer self-defence and self-organise amongst Marxist-Leninist lines. The White working-class of America must self-organise and unite around Marxist-Leninism. The United States will eventually evolve out of this capitalist nightmare and into a Socialist Revolution that eradicate predatory capitalism and all its inherent contradictions that cause so much suffering to the ordinary people of the world!

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