India and BJP Religious Ignorance!

The Fascist BJP Calls a Meeting About ‘Social Distancing’…

When a fascist government rules a nation, such as Mussolini in Italy, Franco in Spain and the BJP in India, control of society is often bolstered through simplistic appeals to religious bigotry as a way to ensure the cohesive nature of society whilst the masses are mobilises and co-opted (often unwittingly) into becoming an unquestioning vehicle for far-right political policy. This solves the issue of mass poverty in one fell swoop – as such suffering is deemed ‘inevitable’ and the product of ‘God’s Plan’ for the universe! This is how a fascist government continues to rule society whilst not having to relieve the burden of suffering experienced by its people.  

BJP Calls for Brahmanic Rituals to Fight Covid19!

Indeed, despite this suffering clearly having a socio-economic origin in this world, the fascist government blames forces originating in the ‘unseen’ spirit-world for the grinding poverty that exists in this (observable) world. The accompanying fascist logic is that this poverty is divine in origin and a punishment imposed upon the people ‘from above’ so-to-speak, and so remains ‘outside’ of the remit of the government. If an individual wants to experience less suffering, then he or she should ‘worship’ their religious icons with a greater intensity and purity of devotion! It just so happens that these are exactly the attributes the fascist government demands for itself from the populace that elected it.  

Prime Minister Modi Calls for ‘More’ Discrimination Against China!

Once it is established that the hardship of the people is their own fault and originates from an ‘unseen’ never-world – the fascist government can get on with the real business of exploiting the masses of people (and the resources) it rules over! This pattern is the same all over the world. Seize power and then abdicate any responsibility for dealing with the inequalities of the world as they exist. This policy frees the fascist government to use its resources to increase the ‘weight’ and ‘burden’ of the oppression already on the people to staggering proportions, whilst demanding a complete and utter obeying of all fascist laws and implementation of policies. In-short, a fascist government wishes to impose its will on other nations in the world outside the country it controls, and so is resolved to prepare its population for the pursuance of perpetual warfare! This solves unemployment and over-population.  

The BJP Try ‘Water’ to Fight Covid19!

The religious ignorance of the BJP has called for the ruthless observance of caste distinction and the recourse to social violence to enforce such a cultural separation. Each of the four castes must slavishly follow the BJP national government whilst acknowledging the caste above and below and retaining (ironically) a proper (and ‘scripturally’ defined) ‘social distancing’ so as not to pollute one another’s skin-colour or spiritual purity through inadvertently ‘intermixing’. This attitude has implicit within it, the idea that anyway who is not part of this Brahmanic caste system is racially and spiritually inferior by reason of being born ‘further away’ from the Indian spiritual source of Brahmanism.  

The BJP Issues Motorbikes to Hindu Holy Men!

As the BJP is a stooge of the capitalist West (namely the US), much of its racist rhetoric has been aimed at nearby Communist China! The BJP has been quick to blame China for Covid19 and has put forward the absurdity that the first line of defence in its strategy against Covid19 is its right-wing theology and anti-Chinese (racist) propaganda! By ordering its population to have priests read the Vedas and carry-out the various ‘fire’ rituals and animal ‘sacrifices’ – the spiritual and physical purity of the Indian nature will be protected, secured and guaranteed. As non-Hindus – the BJP asserts- the evil ‘Communist’ government of China will be severely punished by the Hindu deities and the ‘atheistic’ regime will be brought to its knees by divine intervention!  

BJP Declare Immense Death-Rate ‘Proof’ that Hinduism is the Only Ture Religion!

However, things have not gone to plan for the fascist BJP government! In record time and with minimal fuss, the Communist government of China has successfully applied medical knowledge to the Covid19 outbreak and in so doing, saved its population from destruction! The BJP, on the other hand, is now reaping the consequences of encouraging religious ignorance throughout society and relying upon divine intervention to stop an infection that clearly has its roots in this world! Millions are becoming infected in India due to the cultural habit of coming together to worship, a general lack of hygiene and the inability to follow basic scientific instructions (that possess no meaning for Indian society as such restrictions are not mentioned in the Vedas).  

BJP Social Reforms ‘Going Well’…

As the main policies of embracing religious ignorance and propagating anti-China racism has not has the desired effect, Plan B now involves the BJP blaming the massive upsurge of Covid19 infections upon the superstitious concept of ‘karma’ and implying that the fault lies not with the BJP but rather with the ordinary Indian people who have obviously not been praying hard enough or racially abusing the Chinese convincingly enough for God’s liking! 

BJP Declares All Cows ‘Safe’…

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