Art Imitating Life – the Stupidity of the Far-Right!

The average right-wing adherent possesses a small’ and thoroughly ‘unevolved’ mind-set that lacks the ability to see beyond the horizons of its own discriminatory attitudes and opinions! Stupid – yes – wise – certainly not! As a consequence, it is a relatively ‘easy’ philosophical exercise to ‘mimic’ the tone and style of right-wing edicts – to such an extent that some right-wing adherents even believe that these ridiculous ‘approximations’ are genuine and somehow expressing a deep philosophical right-wing point that is so profound that even the supporters of the right-wing cannot quite work it out! 

The right-wing advocates hatred, racism, violence, torture, rape, misogyny, murder and general death and destruction! All of this disgusting mixture is like a terrible cesspit from which all kinds of shocking aberrations manifest – like ogres continuously marching toward the looking audience starring into the dark! The right-wing routinely carries-out murders and campaigns of terror in the real world – whilst online the so-called ‘armchair’ racists frequent perverse websites such as ‘Crazyshit’ and ‘Theync’, etc. The mainstream establishment claims to oppose the right-wing, whilst clearly tolerating its presence and allowing it to function in and around the peripheries of society. The bourgeois establishment uses the ignorance and violence of the right-wing to keep the working-class ignorant and prevent the spread of Socialism amongst the masses. 

The US, particularly, is an example of a White, right-wing country that ‘pretends’ it is none of these things – whilst the behaviour of its police and military carry-out actions that ‘prove’ this is the case, Not pursuing openly right-wing policy is an act of betraying the natural right-wing historical foundation of the country. Pursuing the political left in anyway – as in attempting to ‘stop’ various forms of racism – is unnatural for the US system. This creates ‘tension’ and enhanced ‘contradictions’ amongst American citizens and American institutions. Black, Asian, Native American-Indians and Hispanic people are products of the White people in America ‘conquering’ these people throughout history! These non-White populations exist in the US not to be ‘equal’ to the White population – but rather ‘serve’ the White population and remain forever inhabiting a subordinate political, social and cultural positioning. Ideally, the White population should live in the best areas and possess the best technology and access to all the resources of an affluent society! The non-White populations, by way of contrast, should live in segregated communities separated from the White areas, with non-White children attending their own schools and learning how to serve the White community! 

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