UFC 261: Zhang Weili Victim of US Anti-Asian Racism! (2021)

The Beautiful & Talented ‘Zhang Weili’ (张伟丽) – Victim of UFC Racism! (2021)

The previously undefeated straw-weight (women’s) UFC Champion was treated with widespread booing and racist disrespect yesterday, that did not confine itself to the usual idiocy of an all-American crowd! The White American Referee did his part and assisted the racist US crowd baying for an American victory at any cost! Coming at a time when the US police is killing non-Whites with impunity – and Black and White Americans are attacking Asian-Americans in record numbers, what happened to Zhang Weili is to be expected in a country that prides itself on the level of anti-intellectualism prevalent throughout its population!

Unbelievable Demonstration of US Anti-Asian Racism!

Zhang Weili was caught with a flash high round-kick to the jaw (which appeared to lack power but catch Zhang off-balance) and fell backwards onto her back. Obviously, the racist crowd went berserk like something important had happened and the equally racist Referee was happy to play along and oblige! Zhang Weili was in the midst of getting up when her opponent threw a number of punches that all missed!

My Family ‘Love’ Zhang Weili!

The Referee then waved the fight off to an astonished Zhang Weili (with the White US Commentators giving the false impression that Zhang was ‘confused’) and awarded the title to her American opponent to the delight of the by now rabid crowd (that was shouting racist abuse at Zhang Weili inbetween bouts of pathologically screaming ‘USA’)! Not one Black or White American has come to aid of Zhang Weili and as usual the BLM movement continues to ‘exclude’ Asian victims of racism from its support against White racism.

We Will Not Remain ‘Quiet’ About Anti-Asian Racism!

This may be a deliberate BLM strategy as it knows that a great deal of anti-Asian racism in the US originates from within the Black community! Indeed, where Black people have racially attacked Asians – BLM has offered legal support to the Black attackers! 

We Love – Zhang Weili!

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