America: How Racism Emerges from Within Predatory Capitalism

America – the Natural Home of White Racism!for

Racism emerges from the division of labour as demanded by the capitalist system – and is designed to turn the (exploited) ‘White’ workers against the (exploited) ‘non-White’ workers. (Henry Ford, for example, is just one of the many US businessmen who made extensive use of this method). This breaks-up any collective mindset of ‘class consciousness’ and reduces everyone to a competing (and isolated) individual. The contradiction is what the bourgeois requires to ensure the existence of a ‘class’ of workers to exploit – to ensure this situation, the workers (as a distinct group) must never be allowed to become ‘self-aware’ of the conditions that define their own predicament, because if the workers ever gain this knowledge, then they would be in a position to self-organise and do something about it. (Such an ‘organisation’ would end ‘racism’ through worker solidarity and place the workers in a strong position to take-over the control of the means of production). Therefore, all racism emerges out of the bourgeois control of the means of production. Racism sprouts anew moment by moment from the fertile soil that is capitalist exploitation – regardless of what laws the Bourgeois State pass whilst pretending it ‘opposes’ various types of racism – a pseudo-opposition that changes with the seasons – but never ends racism in and off itself. The US has been dominant since the end of WWII – when it colonised Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and the Philippines, etc, and forced a destroyed Western Europe to re-build whilst adopting the US System and its predatory capitalism. The modern EU has its historical roots in the anti-Socialist Truman Doctrine and the Marshal Plan. The Americans were busy attempting to colonise Nationalist China – but this was defeated in 1949 when the People came to power and expelled Western imperialism from the Chinese Mainland! As the US was allowed to generate the Cold War whilst taking over the political direction of Europe – it has assumed the self-appointed status of the guardian of predatory capitalism. Although racism emerges equally across the bourgeois spectrum – obviously if a country deliberately follows a policy of ‘weaponizing’ race-hate – then the emergence of race-hate will appear to intensify at the point of the greatest effort to fabricate its presence. As the US is a focal-point for the intensification of the production of racism – then as a country it is responsible for the sustaining of a robust (and destructive) racist ideology in the world.  

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