Anish Kapoor: How Support of ‘White’ Predatory Capitalism Makes Fools of Us All!

The very fact that ‘Anish Kapoor’ accepted a ‘Knighthood’ in the UK from the very same royal family that racially discriminated against Meghan Markle (and her ‘unborn’ child) should set the alarm bells ringing! This is an access-point that sets-off an avalanche of hypocrisy – because if this is the only significant time that Meghan has ever experienced ‘White’ racism in the UK – then it just goes to show how ‘bourgeois’ and ‘privileged’ her life a) has been, and b) still is! Today, however, I would like to discuss the British Asian named ‘Sir Anish Kapoor’ – whose presence in the UK is a direct consequence of historical British imperialism across the Indian subcontinent. Yes – this man is here because of Britain’s colonial presence in Asia and it implementation of predatory capitalism upon the Indian people.  

Socialism ‘Frees’ the Working-Class!

Anish Kapoor has skilfully made use of the political climate to pursue his agenda of attempting to secure ISIS-convert – ‘Shamima Begum’ – a) her presence in the UK and b) the return of her ‘withdrawn’ British Citizenship. He has done this in the light of the shocking murder – by a serving police officer – of ‘Sarah Everard’, the protests against this murder (and misogyny in general) by UK women, all of which has occurred in the shadow of the racism experienced by the privileged Meghan Markle. Anish Kapoor has used his status as part of the British Establishment (that routinely generates racism and discrimination against non-White people) – to vocally protest in support of ‘Shamima Begum’ and pursue his agenda of returning her to the UK. 

World Revolution ‘Frees’ the International Working-Class!

As I believe that Anish Kapoor is pursuing a ‘Trotskyite’ agenda, the aim of this article is not to analyse the case for or against Shamima Begum – but rather to ‘expose’ Kapoor’s anti-Soviet and pro-capitalist attitudes. Anish Kapoor has done very well from aligning himself economically, politically and morally with the very same British Establishment that has spread death and destruction across the globe for at least the last five-hundred-years! His unfounded, ahistorical and ‘illogical’ assumption that the decision British (right-wing) Tory government ‘withdrawing’ the British Citizenship of Shamima Begum somehow equates with everyday life (and political decisions) experienced by ordinary people living within the legal jurisdiction of the ‘Socialist’ Soviet Union – is bizarre to say the least! Indeed, there has only been one high-profile ‘expulsion’ of a Soviet Citizen on the grounds of ‘treason’ – and that was the 1929 exile of Leon Trotsky – a man who had sided with the force of European capitalism from the earliest days of the Bolshevik movement, and who in 1938 called upon his followers to ‘unite’ with the forces of international fascism (and the Catholic Church) in any planned attack upon the USSR! 

The Soviet Red Flag of Freedom!

Within the 1936 Soviet Constitution (which has been described even by a number of US academic as one of the greatest documents of freedom the world has ever known), the rights of ALL Soviet Citizens were confirmed without exception. This type of legal protection had been in force from at least early 1918 – when Lenin ‘abolished’ the highly discriminative Czarist Law (which had also overtly ‘outlawed’ homosexuality). From 1918-1936 – as the Soviet State fought-off a Western invasion of its land and consolidate its territory – similar laws protecting the ‘rights’ of Soviet Citizenships were enacted, improved and developed. At no point did the Soviet System ‘racially’ discriminate against non-White Soviet Citizens as such heinous behaviour was viewed as purely ‘bourgeois’ in nature. The USSR also ‘refused’ to extradite Soviet Citizens to the ‘capitalist’ West on the grounds that being forced to ‘exist’ within a predatory capitalist society amounted to nothing more than the implementation of ‘psychological’ and ‘physical’ torture!  

The Soviet ‘Red Army’ Liberated Millions from Fascism During WWII!

I suspect that Anish Kapoor equates the case of Shamima Begum with that of Leon Trotsky as both were involved in advocating and supporting ‘terrorist’ attacks upon the countries of their respective births! However, that is where any real similarity ends. Leon Trotsky was a grown man for all of his (opportunistic) political career, and knew exactly what he was doing and why he was doing it. Shamima Begum, on the other hand, was just a child – and for many commentators – she still is. My personal view is that Shamima Begum is a victim of the US policy of founding, supporting, arming and training Islamo-fascist movements designed to destabilise any left-leaning regimes in the world that oppose US predatory capitalism. Shamima Begum is also a victim of ‘White’ UK racism from the bourgeois Tory government – acting in solidarity with its US counter-part. 

Mao Zedong Admired and Respected Joseph Stalin!

Anish Kapoor is wrong to compare what is happening to Shamima Begum with Leon Trotsky’s quite right and lawful expulsion from the USSR. Indeed, by doing so he – exposes his capitalist-supporting attitude, his bourgeois tendencies and his untrustworthy character with regards to correctly ‘reading’ the politics of the working-class. In-short, by expressing this kind of political illiteracy as ‘educated’ political commentary, Anish Kapoor is supporting the very racism he claims to be opposing. This is behaviour typical of the average Trotskyite-supporter which has no real grasp of material reality, or the needs of the contemporary (or ‘historical’) conditions that define the lives of the working-class. Anish Kapoor illogically ‘opposes’ the racism aimed at Shamima Begum – whilst perpetuating the ‘greater racism’ of misrepresenting the international working-class and the anti-racist reality of the USSR! The Daily Mirror, even when it was genuinely ‘left-wing’ still published ‘racist’ articles aimed at undermining Communist China – even when Robert Maxwell (the paper’s ‘corrupt’ former owner) was sat in Beijing laughing and joking with Deng Xiaoping (whilst researching a book he was writing about Deng’s life to be published through the Pergamon Press). Again, antics typical of a ‘Trotskyite’ supporting newspaper.  

Beautiful Soviet Emblem!

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