Existential Viewing

Max Planck Institute – Working on the Ears to ‘See’ This Lamp…

The Max Planck Institute recently released a body of research into the public domain concerning the concept of ‘Existential Viewing’. Hermann Horus – a senior researcher – explained ‘We’ve been working in this field for some time now, certainly more than 20-years. We were contacted by the British Society for Psychical Research regarding the plausibility of developing a device and/or natural method that allows an individual to directly perceive the environment around them – although this might not be exactly what you are thinking. Whereas ‘Remote Viewing’ involves an individual ‘sensing’ physical details about a geographical location that is perhaps thousands of miles away – ‘Existential Viewing’ is the ability for an individual to ‘sense’ their immediate environment – but with a bit of a twist! Our researchers have been examining the feasibility of ‘changing’ the function of the basic five senses so that the ears, for instance, will take over the job of the eyes, the nose the job of the ears and so on, and so forth. This has interesting connotations for human-beings suffering sensory-organ lose – whereby a blind person can have their sight capacity switched to the ears, the nose or the tongue – or perhaps the entire surface of the skin!’ He continued ‘An astronaut, for instance, who has been badly injured, could carry-on their mission in deep space by having a lost essential sensory ability ‘transferred’ to an undamaged part of the body where it would theoretically function as before. Of course, for ‘Existential Viewing’ to function properly, there are lots of bugs that need to identified and worked-out the system. The Max Planck Institute advises people to ‘practice’ shifting the burden of sensory functionality in the privacy of their own home as a form of ‘meditation’. Start with the simple exercise of trying to ‘hear’ colours or ‘smell’ sounds. This is what is known as the ‘organic’ method of Existential Viewing. One day it is hoped that a suitable technology will be developed that will enable all human-beings to ‘taste’ through their eyeballs…’ 

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