Book Review: Layla F Saad – ‘Me and White Supremacy’

Author’s Note: As a Marxist-Leninist, I have been brought up in a family that has struggled for decades against bourgeois oppression. My family is Celtic-Chinese and we are a product of British multiculturalism – a historical product of British colonialism. When I introduced Layla Saad’s book to my ethnic Chinese family members – their attitude was that the author ‘knows nothing’ about Chinese culture – and that was that. Many ethnic Chinese people talk about facing racial discrimination from both Black and White people in equal measure. Further more, BIPOC (as she refers to non-White people) remain ‘silent’ every time the Western media releases racially motivated news articles about China, Chinese people and Chinese culture, etc. My personal view is that Layla Saad is not qualified (as an individual person) to initiate or lead such a project – particularly as she chooses to ‘ignore’ the already existing (Collectivised) Communist Resistance to ALL types of racism. Of course, for reasons known only to her, she also chooses to deploy a rhetoric that packages any ‘White’ resistance to her assertions as being ‘proof’ of an individual holding racist viewpoints. If Layla Saad was confronted with genuine neo-Nazis – she would soon understand the difference between that ideological manifestation of racism – and that manifestation of racism practiced within general ‘White’ society. However, I cannot ignore my own ‘Whiteness’ and for what it is worth, I broadly support Layla Saad in her anti-racist work – but in no way support the capitalist status quo or believe that capitalism can be ‘reformed’ (an attitude that ‘smirks’ of Trotskyism). I say this as someone who has routinely confronted neo-Nazis – and worked within society to confront (and counter) the unjust bourgeois system. ACW (14.3.2021) 

The Author Exercising His ‘White Privilege’!

Not one mention of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Robeson, Assata Shakur, Mugabi or Sankara, etc. White people do not need non-White people to tell them racism is a product of ‘class’ and ‘economic’ domination. White racism is a product of the dominant bourgeois socio-economic system that has dominated the world for the last five-hundred-years. Racist ideological conditioning is not a ‘choice’, but is rather a form of institutional ‘abuse’ perpetuated by one generation of class dominance to another. Racism emerges from the contradictions that exist within predatory capitalism and has nothing to do with ‘awareness’ of its existence.  It is a product of the ‘division of labour’ designed to ‘break-up’ all the psychological underpinnings of any competing human grouping that could act in resistance to the capitalist system. Bourgeois capitalism deliberately reduces all human groupings living within its grasp – into viciously competing (and inherently isolated) hyper-individuals – privileging the White ethnicity (the skin-colour of the dominating bourgeois class) over and above people of non-White ethnicity.  

My Ethnic Chinese Partner Gee – and Youngest Daughter – Kai-Lin!

Karl Marx – a White man – described a) why racism exists as a consequence of unequal economic system, and b) why racism will eventually ‘disappear’ when its founding (capitalist) ideology is uprooted through ‘Revolution’ and eradicated through ‘Socialist’ education. As the bourgeois system does not want predatory capitalism to end – it logically follows that although the bourgeois system occasionally criticism this or that manifestation of racism – it nevertheless does not ‘stamp-out’ (and ‘will not’) stamp-out racism due to the service it grants the predatory capitalist system. Capitalism could not exist or function properly if ‘racism’ was permanently ‘stamped-out’. Furthermore, as a side issue, the very same bourgeois system treats the White working-class in a terrible fashion – teaching this impoverished group that all their problems stem not from the socio-economic system they are forced to live within – but because of the presence of non-White people a) living amongst them (in their community), and b) living in their country (as a whole). An educationally, culturally and economically deprived community of White working-class people are taught by their bourgeois masters that regardless of their abject poverty – their White ‘skin-colour’ somehow makes them ‘superior’ in their deprivation to examples of better-off non-White people they often see around them.  

Karl Marx Expressed a Greater Understanding of China Than Non-White Commentators

The work of Layla F Saad – in her book entitled ‘Me and White Supremacy’ – is part sound academic observation and commentary, and part racial mythology. I do not reject the findings – but I do question the validity of the ‘answer’ that Layla Saad appears to be suggesting. It strikes me that she is advocating a ‘religious’ answer to an ideology that has its roots in socio-economic conditions. Racist ideology is a product of blatant and unadulterated ‘greed’ and has nothing to do with theistic entities or ‘miracle’ moments. Layla Saad does mention the name of Karl Marx once, or reveals that the essence of ALL racist ideology lies within the bourgeois socio-economic. Even if you follow her work-book and somehow develop a personal insight into your own psychological conditioning – the bourgeois socio-economic will continue to function unbated in the external environment. Any individual who chooses to fight racism will then come into conflict with the dominant bourgeois system – and will be made to pay the cost. Self-awareness may well be crucial but it is not the answer to racism – only a Revolution that overthrows the bourgeois system will solve this problem – as the International Working-Class seizing control of the means of production will eradicate the socio-economic underpinnings that produce and sustain racist ideology.   

Communists Are Naturally ‘Anti-Racist’!

The false idea that the destructive forces of capitalism can be ‘reformed’ is a strategy straight out of the deceptive manual of Leon Trotsky! Trotsky advocates a leftist collaboration with the forces of predatory capitalism and his supporters only pay lip-service to ending racist abuse and cultural inequality. Such individuals (and groups) NEVER criticise Zionist Israel (a ‘White’ country), for instance, or pass comment every time an innocent Palestinian man, women and child is murdered by the IDF. It would be an interesting exercise to ask Layla F Saad what her opinion is regarding Israel and its continuous War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. Trotskyites often infiltrate the anti-fascist movement and attempt to pervert it toward ‘collaborating’ with some forms of racism – whilst appearing to reject others. Like a Trotskyite – Layla Saad reduces the class phenomenon ‘racism’ to that of an ‘individual’ choice – which it is not.  

Hammer and Sickle – Symbols of Freedom!

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