Book Review: QAnon: An Objective Guide to Understand QAnon, the Deep State and Related Conspiracy Theories – The Great Awakening Explained: By Michael D Quinn (2020)

Understanding QAnon

To understand the QAnon phenomenon I would suggest hunting down a good mainstream academic book on the subject as a form of anchoring in logic and reason. QAnon is so seductive and amorphous that the average researcher must be on the constant lookout for signs of being sucked-in to part (or all) of this sophisticated madness! This book takes itself very seriously and is suitable for this task. I doubt the author was ever taken-in by QAnon but he probably had to sail close to the conspiratorial winds at times to extract the truth from a popular movement that exists for most of its life ‘below the radar’. There is a difference between being undercover within an intellectually hostile environment – and being completely ‘subsumed’ by that environment!  

Until about six months ago I did not even know the term ‘QAnon’ – and then I met a person who believed in it. It was like they were part of an unseen religious cult to which they had to refer all questions before they decided upon an action or expressing an opinion. I recognised this modus operandi from my psychological work in various religious communities, but unlike a religious community, QAnon has no recognisable symbols of faith or identifiable places of worship. Their place of worship is the world-wide web and their ‘holy’ artefacts nothing but the computer keyboard that happens to be in-front of them. All religion is expedient – as my friend expressed! The QAnon community does not congregate in the traditional sense so that its members cannot be readily identified, tagged, followed, apprehended and prevented from free movement. Like the Zulu attack on the British Army in 1879, the QAnon march on Congress was the high water-mark in its existence – a marked and disastrous turning-point in its existence! For QAnon (which had fully exposed itself in the glare of public opinion) it was the beginning of the end! 

More ‘bullshit’ than ‘horns of the buffalo’ – those who had convinced themselves that a hidden cartel controlled the world shambled toward Congress carrying German swastikas, Confederate and even Ukrainian flags singing their ‘White Supremacy’ mantras whilst denying they were ‘racist’ and blaming the mass defiance upon the (absent) Black Lives Matter and Anti-Fascist movements! White QAnon supporters struck by police batons were heard screaming that BLM and Antifa members had violently attacked them – despite the fact the entire incident involving police violence had been caught on their own cameras! The place where anti-QAnon police violence occurred was very unusual, as many police officers welcomed the protestors and cleared the path to the Congress building!  

Michael D Quinn stops short of stating the obvious, indeed, he misses it altogether – in an otherwise masterful narrative. QAnon thrives on perpetuating a ‘false’ class-consciousness and class-difference. Although the Americans have a distorted comprehension of ‘class’ – QAnon is essentially a working-class phenomenon. QAnon is the product of decades of US anti-intellectualism used to create blatantly false historical and philosophical narratives that misrepresented the Soviet Union and demonised the ideology of Scientific Socialism (i.e., ‘Marxist-Leninism’).  QAnon is the inevitable side-effect of preventing the working-class of America naturally developing its own indigenous Socialist movements. As a consequence, QAnon imbues everything that is completely opposite to Socialism, and masquerades as a working-class friendly ideology when it is nothing of the sort! 

QAnon is subsuming of the political left with the political right. The US government has managed to colonise Socialism with fascism and thereby ‘poison’ the mind of the working-class. This is why racism serves as the foundation of QAnon ideology. The dominant ‘White’ working-class is separated and distinguished from the non-White population which is viewed as racially inferior, and ‘polluting’ to the American way of life! This fascist view interprets the presence of non-Europeans in the United States as a ‘polluting’ and ‘debilitating’ influence on the well-being of America – just as Hitler and Mussolini perceived the Jews as causing all the troubles their respective racially-pure populations seemed to suffer from. QAnon exists to sully and demonise the left – end of story and anyone who supports QAnon is a ‘class-enemy’. 

Although stopping just short of admitting the presence and validity of ‘class’ – this book does build a solid historical and philosophical foundation for the average reader. QAnon, for example, does not explain US racism in general, and cannot be used as such an excuse. QAnon did not invent American anti-White racism, but it does serve to focus and magnify it. The people of China, for instance, will always be viewed as ‘racially inferior’ by the White American public either ‘with’ or ‘without’ the presence and operation of QAnon. QAnon is just another very powerful and effective manifestation of Eurocentric racism. What is important is that its ‘actual’ (as opposed to its ‘assumed’) material history is well presented and understood. Once established, such a historical narrative serves to ‘demystify’ the QAnon phenomenon and take away a substantial part of its ignorant allure! 

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