Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘New’ Chomskyite Aventure!

Chomsky is a Dangerous Trotskyite!

Not satisfied with allowing the Zionist State of Israel to infiltrate the Labour Party and destroy any allusion it might have had about advocating and supplying ‘Socialist’ policies – Jeremy Corbyn – ‘the most popular politician never to be Prime Minister’ (who ‘lost’ six national and regional elections in a row as Labour Leader) has teamed-up with that over arch-Trotskyite ‘Noan Chomsky’ to form a political movement premised upon ‘peace’ and ‘justice’! Noble sentiments no doubt, but will any of this be delivered? Trotsky – as a means to repay the Western (capitalist belief in his anti-Soviet movement – stated that once the world community had overthrown the Marxist-Leninist regime in the USSR (and made him arbitrary ‘Leader’) – stated that he would oversee a system of worker-friendly ‘capitalism’ that would reproduce the economic system of Western and Central Europe of the time.  

Jeremy Corbyn – The Man Who Couldn’t Win an Election!

What does this history lesson have to do with a contemporary Jeremy Corbyn? I was very surprised he rose to the Leadership of the Labour Party when he did and I was equally suspicion of the timing in the political climate that existed at the time. I have read a number of books about Jeremy Corbyn and discovered he continuously criticised Communist China by following the cue of the Western bourgeois media. China – Corbyn believed – routinely tortured animals and ate dogs – habits he even complained about in Parliament on behalf of a number of politically motivated so-called ‘Animal Charities’. Corbyn appears to have received his data not from well-researched Chinese language articles with an established pedigree (if you will excuse the pun), but rather from the pages of the (unsourced) Guardian and the Daily Mail, etc. This unfounded hatred of ‘China’ was a well-known racist habit of Leon Trotsky (who considered the Communist Party of China to be a ‘trick’ played on the world by JV Stalin)! As my partner – Gee – is ethnic Chinese, when we went on marches with Labour members – she continuously experienced racial abuse from other ‘White’ Labour supporters which was even extended to our children! The irony of all this was that the worse anti-China racial abuse occurred in London during an anti-fascist march a few years ago where Labour Party members (men and women) united to insult the Red Flag we carried and to shout racial abuse at Gee – stating that the Chinese are ‘fascist’!  She was told to ‘get back to China’ and take her ‘mongrel’ children with her! These Labour supporters were supported by a number of Polish nationals and members of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP}! 

Hitlerite Coin – Supporting Zionism

Of course, I am digressing slightly. Racism does and continues to exist in the Labour Party but it is the racism prevalent throughout British society, rather than especially ‘anti-Semitic’. Anti-Jewish sentiment exists, I am sure, but it is not the problem that non-White racism is in the Labour Party which was very bad under Jeremy Corbyn and which has received a boost under Starmer’s openly right-wing tenure. Even Diane Abbot gleefully and self-righteously joins her ‘White’ colleagues in perpetuating ‘anti-China’ racism with no thought or limit, etc. Noam Chomsky – when Jeremy Corbyn was calling for the UK to leave the EU – was contradicting him every step of the way. Chomsky was saying (like Trotsky) that Europe’s future lies in the direction of a ‘United States’ model of free-border capitalism! Only a Trotskyite would think and say these things – as such a set-up is designed to prevent any attempt at a Marxist-Leninist Revolution! Corbyn eventually lost his final general election because he changed his mind from supporting to opposing Brexit. I think we are seeing his final and complete ‘opening up’ to the Trotskyite ideal and I will not be touching his new movement with barge-pole! 

Gee (and Children) Hold The Flags Higher Whilst Being Racially Abused!

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