Uncomfortable Truths About the Manchester Arena Terrorist Bombing

Salman Abedi with Massive Rucksack Heading to Manchester Arena!

Author’s Note: Colonel Gaddafi was a great Socialist leader. He supported a left-wing Arab nationalism that sought to throw-off the shackles of European imperialist domination. He supported Marxist-Leninism and modified this ideology so as to make it relevant to the conditions of contemporary Africa. Of course, as he opposed predatory capitalism as a destructive ideology – he was deemed by US Cold War disinformation of being a ‘supporter of terrorism’ – when his Socialist regime took direct action against ALL forms of religious extremism. Gaddafi had a simple rule – Islam must be peaceful and not violent. This insulted those ignorant religionists living on the fringes of Libyan society who wanted to use their religious fervour to over-throw Gaddafi’s Socialist regime. The US and UK immediately declared this Gaddafi opposition to Islamic Extremism to be a symptom of the Socialist suppression of religious practice – and offered these disaffected lunatics ‘asylum’ in the UK! This was unfolding as the capitalist West also accused Libya of supporting international terrorism (due to Gaddafi’s criticism of Israeli Forces murdering innocent Palestinians). These religious extremists given asylum in the UK would produce British-born off-spring that would carry-out numerous Islamic terrorist atrocities throughout the world – and eventually kill 22 innocent people at the Manchester Arena in 2017!  It was these religious extremists favoured by a right-wing British opposition to Socialism that directly led to these deaths – and not Gaddafi’s Libya which took action to stop this madness at ground level! Due to the right-wing British Tory government being betrayed by the fascist Trump Administration – all this duplicitous information is now in the public domain. Due to its embarrassing nature, however, the British State and media hardly touch upon it. ACW (19.1.2021) 

Gaddafi Kept Good Relations with Putin’s Russia!

The Manchester Arena Bombing was a terrorist atrocity carried-out on May 22nd, 2017, in the name of Islamic extremism – or ‘Islamo-fascism’ – and aimed primarily at children, youths and their parents. The suicide bomber (Salman Abedi) exploded a rucksack full of explosives and nuts and bolts at 22:31 hrs in the foyer of the Arena as thousands of young people exited the building after the conclusion of an Ariana Grande Concert. Twenty-three people were killed (including the bomber), and 1017 people were injured – 112 seriously (needed hospitalisation). Salman Abedi obviously died in the attack, but the British Authorities arrested and charged his brother – Hashem Abedi (who was extradited from Libya) – with complicity in the attack and being responsible for the 22 deaths and hundreds of wounded. He was sentenced to a minimum of 55 years in prison in 2019 – despite being in Libya at the time of the attack – as he had spoken to his brother (Salman) just 15 minutes prior to the attack and is thought have participated in its planning and supply, etc. 

The UK Gave Asylum To Islamic Terrorist Family from Libya!

Following a vicious and sustained anti-Labour media campaign against the Prime Ministership of Gordon Brown (2007-2010) – a forerunner to what awaited Jeremy Corbyn – the right-wing Conservative and LibDems Coalition was elected into power which set about immediately devising plans to bring-back fox hunting, dismantle the Welfare State and privatise the NHS. This Coalition was an attack upon the British working-class in every way. Not only this, but this right-wing UK Administration aligned itself with a right-wing US Administration of Barack Obama which would go on to facilitate and support an illegal take-over of power within Western Ukraine by the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime. In 2011, however, this unholy alliance contented itself with manipulating UN Resolutions and the practice of illegal ‘regime change’ (the so-called ‘Colour Revolutions’ throughout the Middle East). This military activity saw any Socialistic regime attacked and destroyed and replaced with various Islamic extremist regimes quite often antagonistic to the West.  

Hashem Abedi -UK Citizen Jailed for Bomb Plot!

Muammar Gaddafi led a bloodless Revolution – becoming the leader of Libya in 1969. This regime was termed the ‘Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya’ – often shortened to just the ‘Libyan Arab Republic’. These changes ushered in a time of good living, progression and radical transformation for the Libyan people under the slogan ‘Freedom, Socialism and Unity.’ Libya developed a pro-African ideology that sought to lift African countries out of poverty and financial dependence upon the West. This anti-capitalist perspective immediately brought the Gaddafi regime into conflict with the US and its European allies. Gaddafi advocated religious tolerance and the development of society through the application of science. This meant that religious fundamentalism and extremism was discouraged and legal constraints applied to any religious individuals or groups that threatened the Libyan State with ‘violence’.  

Gaddafi Separated Mosque from State – and the Classroom from Religion!

This demand for religious responsibility and tolerance led to the parents of Salman and Hashem Abedi supposedly ‘fleeing’ Libya for the UK! US and UK Cold War disinformation presented this situation as a manifestation of ‘religious intolerance’ (a position supported by the Vatican) and the husband and wife were immediately granted asylum, refugee status and finally full citizenship of the UK. In other words, and to be absolutely clear on this point – the Gaddafi ‘Socialist’ regime was attempting to stamp-out Islamic extremism at its source through legitimate legal action (as Gaddafi and others were well aware that the CIA was establishing bases of Islamo-fascism in Afghanistan during the 1970s) – whilst the US and UK were undermining these efforts by granting asylum to these representatives of potential Islamic terrorism – and defining their ‘violent tendencies’ as being aspects of legitimate religious practice. These are the parents who gave birth Salman and Hashem Abedi – who were born in Manchester and were therefore ‘British’ citizens by birth.  

Mandala and Gaddafi – Socialists together!

When British people go abroad to fight for various other causes – almost invariably upon their return in recent years – they are arrested and imprisoned for supporting ‘terrorism’. This happened to a ‘White’ NHS ambulance driver who travelled to East Ukraine to drive an ambulance for the Socialist Resistance to the US-backed ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazi regime currently occupying West Ukraine. He was jailed for five years with the British Judge ‘refusing’ to hear his reasons. However, in 2011, as the West (through NATO) was attacking Libya – Salman and Hashem Abedi, together with their mother and father – immediately travelled to Libya and joined an Islamo-terrorist fighting unit. This was the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (a Salafi jihadist organisation ‘outlawed’ by the United Nations), this was well-known amongst the British Intelligence community at the time. During their time in Libya, these three men all raped and murdered their way through the country – participating in the usual antics of filming torture, beheadings and other atrocities, etc. 

Gaddafi and Che – Marxist-Leninists Together!

How did the British State respond? Were these criminals arrested, tried and imprisoned? Of course not. This is what happened. The mother and father stayed on in a devastated Tripoli – the place of their birth. Now ‘free’ of any Socialist law forbidding religiously motivated terrorism – the family was not ‘content’ that their religious rights had been returned to them via NATO bombs. The now 17-year-old Salman Abedi returned to his native Manchester just in-time to start attending University. He took a ‘gap year’ to see the world in 2014 – and he did this by returning to Libya re-joining an Islamic terrorist group – one of many that was now fighting one another for supremacy following the collapse of all law and order in the country. Salman Abedi was injured in one such act of violence – and he and his brother travelled to the Libyan coast where the British Coalition government had arranged for all British citizens present to be rescued by the Royal Navy ship HMS Enterprise. They were taken to Malta and then flown back to the UK – all at the British government’s expense. The Abedi brothers had been committing endless atrocities as part of their service in the Islamic terrorist groups – and were welcomed back into the UK as some kind of ‘heroes’! 

Gaddafi’s Women Bodyguards – Equality in Socialist Libya!

Salman Abedi had since met and joined ISIS in Libya and he kept in-touch with these people whilst back in the UK. His brother was even enticed to return to Libya to continue the pointless killing of innocent people (hence his eventual imprisonment). Although the Abedi family supported the NATO destruction of Socialist Libya – it is clear that when the same Western, imperialist forces (NATO) were turned upon the destruction of Syria – the family strictly disagreed with this policy – which they saw as an attack upon Islam. This reaction is exactly ‘why’ Socialist regimes guarantee religious freedom – but not religious extremism. This is why the Gaddafi regime was ‘right’ and the US-led anti-Socialist policy against Libya was wrong – as it unleashed Islamic terrorism upon the world! Islamic terrorist groups assisted Salman Abedi (and his brother) plan for the Manchester Arena terrorist attack as a protest to the NATO bombing of Syria. Although the British government wanted all of this embarrassing data to be kept from the public – a ‘leak’ in the US released all of it to an unsuspecting world! The insanity of Western imperialism and its anti-Socialist mania led to the death of 22 innocent people. 

Gaddafi – Friend of the Soviet Union!

One final comment. An on-duty security guard at the Manchester Arena received at least one report from the general public that Salman Abedi was acting suspiciously. My view is that this man or woman should have been charged and imprisoned for a dereliction of duty that led to 22 deaths and over a thousand injuries. He or she used the excuse that their lack of activity was due to a fear of ‘being accused of racism’. I find it disgusting that this far-right trope would be a) accepted as a valid excuse, and b) even make it into an official report! This type of thinking only exists within far-right movements and stems from the false idea that the majority ‘White’ people are somehow ‘victims’ of multiculturalism which is presented as being ‘forced’ upon them, and which unfairly ‘empowers’ ‘non-White’ people. Indeed, the greater number of foreign nationals in the UK at this time were ‘White’ EU citizens – taking advantage of the open borders of the EU. The comment of this security guard is ‘racist’ because it can only be aimed at a ‘non-White’ suspect. Not to perform one’s vital task of guarding the public is outrageous. This cowardice should not be hidden behind a thin veneer of normalised racial prejudice. This excuse demonstrates the times we live in – when far-right rhetoric informs the mainstream debate. An Islamic extremist (the product of a UK anti-Socialist policy) is ‘ignored’ by a right-wing security guard – who deploys a rhetoric (in his or her defence) that is commonly observed and repeated on neo-Nazi websites! It is even more incredible that the British Authorities ‘accepted’ this ignorance as a valid excuse! 

Gaddafi and Castro – Socialists Together!

I normally detest English-language ‘wiki’ pages because they are mostly ignorant, factually deficient and follow the dictates of US foreign policy! I am making an exception in this case as virtually everything I have extracted and magnified above is a matter of public record! 

Gaddafi Lays Flowers at Lenin’s Tomb – USSR Either 1976 – 1981

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