Book Review: Hitler’s Monsters – Eric Kurlander

This book furnishes a surprising number of answers to lingering questions about the more obscure aspects of the Third Reich and Hitler’s attempt to reconstruct German society from the base upwards. This including developing a new religion weaved together from the debris of the old Pagan systems and contemporary trends in belief. Although Hitler is viewed as ‘evil’, Nazism rejects this Judeo-Christian designation and does not recognise its power or relevance to judge his actions or opinions. Hitler’s Nazi regime subscribed to a non-scientific interpretation of ‘death’ – defining it in a manner which saw it inflicting it continuously as being appropriate where and when it was applied to the racial and religious enemies of the Third Reich. Hitler appeared to make bizarre decisions because his value system was entirely different to that already in existence – East or West. The spirit of the racially pure Nazis could express itself at any moment on the physical plane – providing the German Volk were suitably ‘purified’ through correct racist strategies, rituals and tactics. If the Germans were not racially pure enough – then no spiritual interference would manifest to change Germany’s material destiny. Death for Hitler was an empowering act of defiance that ultimately empowered the German race! To Hitler’s thinking, if Germany could not meet the spiritual challenge of securing racial dominance in the world – then it did not have a right to exist! Mass death for Hitler, was nothing less than a material method for securing spiritually rebirth. Part of this interpretation was lifted from some of the more primitive aspects of Tibetan Buddhism (due to the association between the 14th Dalai Lama and Nazi German missions into Tibet). Hitler literally ‘did not care’ about the destruction and the pointless and mindless killing his regime inflicted – according to his madness it just had to happen and there was no choice! 

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