US Government Blocking My CPC Blog!

Message Received When Clicking My Blog Articles

The Western internet is quite rightly ‘banned’ in China as the Americans use it to spread predatory capitalism. As the Trump Administration stumbles to its fascistic demise – my posting on a ‘free’ US blogging platform has obviously attracted their attention! If you click on any of my articles exposing the US and UK racism regarding the continuous disinformation about China – you will receive a version of the above message. Even this blog will not open hyperlinks to my CPC blog. The articles can still be accessed because this false message pretends it is doing you a favour by limiting your freedom! You can just press ‘proceed’ anyway! I will not stop my academic work in this area and will not bend to any type of fascism or racism – and certainly not US anti-intellectualism! We are part of a collective and that is exactly how we – the proletariat – should behave! Individual hardship is ‘nothing’ in the face of collective survival, progression and development! We move forever onward! If you support my work – link on the ‘proceed’ button any way and do not let the fascists win!

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  1. Well Adrian thanks for all the mail over the last year, I look forward to reading them, I hope you and your family have a great new year and a healthy one. Come the revolution when the sheep waken from there slumber


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