Defending Joseph Stalin’s Good Reputation Against Bad US Academia

Joseph Stalin Defended, Developed and Strengthened the Ideology of Marxist-Leninism!

The recurring tropes that Joseph Stalin was a ‘mass murderer’, ‘evil’ and ‘mentally deficient’ are enduing myths preserved in the heart of Eurocentric academia. Although comprised of a deeply ‘religious’ prejudice – such ideas express more about the psychological make-up of the perpetuators than they say about Joseph Stalin. Virtually no one expressed these ideas to Joseph Stalin whilst he was alive (and effectively fighting fascism), but as soon as he died, the outpouring of racist angst and religious ignorance in the West (partly fuelled by the lies of Nikita Khrushchev), was extensive, persistent and has proven long-lived – even though there is not one jot of reliable evidence for any of it (outside of the distorted imaginations of the West). Since 1991 and the collapse of the Soviet Union – the new ‘bourgeoisie’ of capitalist Russia now join their Western counter-parts in replicating these kinds of non-truths through equally ‘false’ historical narratives compiled in the Russian language. Far from being original – these corrupt narratives are merely copies of already existing Western misinterpretations of Soviet history. This has to be the case, as these false narratives never existed in the USSR and had nothing to do with the remarkable life of Joseph Stalin. 

Joseph Stalin Posessed a Sense of Humour Often Ignored!

Since 1945, each new generation in the (capitalist) world has been overtly brought up to be conditioned with an a priori ‘negative’ opinion (and false historical interpretation) concerning the subjects of a) Socialism and b) the Soviet Union. By implication, this is naturally extended into the realms of Marxist-Leninist ideology and includes any country that has pursued a Scientific Socialist narrative at any point in its history. This anti-intellectualist approach arises from the consumerist mentality of the United States – which has been ruled for the last four years by an overtly ‘fascist’ President. The point of this brain-washing of the Western youth is to cement the bourgeois (capitalist) ideology amongst the working-class and prevent any social movements that would threaten its dominance. This anti-intellectualism is in fact an effective defence mechanism developed by the bourgeoisie, as most who are subject to it are unable to see through or beyond it, and are even unaware of its existence. Like the theology of Judeo-Christian religion five-hundred years ago – this US-inspired anti-Socialist propaganda is presented as both ‘real’ and even ‘inevitable’ – when in reality it is little more than a confidence trick designed to ‘distort’ and ‘misrepresent’ historical interpretation and the correct configuration of material reality. 

Joseph Stalin Bult the USSR After the Death of Lenin!

A recent academic article states that since 1945 – that in since the end of WWII – the US military has killed between 20-30 million men, women and children around the world. This is an example of a ‘verifiable’ historical fact. This demonstrates how much military power the United States has decided to expend it is perceived ‘fight’ against working-class hegemony and the development of a Socialist Revolution in various hotspots of (feudal, capitalist and terroristic) oppression around the world. This number of 20-30 million US-caused deaths does not include the many ‘proxy’ wars the US has supported – with CIA and US mercenaries operating throughout the developing world and supporting various far-right, fascist and neo-Nazi regimes. No doubt, millions more could be added to this tally. On top of this number should be added those killed around the world through British, French Dutch, Belgian and even Spanish neo-colonial activity since 1945. Fascist Spain, of course, was supported by Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). The Spanish ‘Blue’ Division, although as second-rate troops, assisted the Nazi German in invasion of the USSR in 1941 and thereafter. The fascist leader General Franco remained in power until the 1970s because his regime was favoured by the Roman Catholic Church – which had supported international fascism since the rise of Mussolini in1921 and the demise of Adolf Hitler in 1945. The Catholic Church then continued to provide ‘Ratlines’ of escape for Nazi War Criminals fleeing Soviet and Allied justice to South America, etc. This aiding of fascist War Criminals was a continuous Vatican policy that smoothly transitioned from Pope Pius XI to Pope Pius XII. All of this anti-Socialist activity, murder and mayhem was supported by the Trotskyites – as Leon Trotsky had called upon his followers to assist the fascist powers in any attack they might make upon the Soviet Union!  

A Young Joseph Stalin Fighting for the Working-Class!

The capitalist system depends upon continuous warfare to stimulate the economy and ensure employment through the arms industry. Although the US-inspired (and anti-Socialist) European Union has prevented open warfare within Western Europe, it has encouraged warfare throughout Eastern Europe up to the borders of Russia, and the proliferation of numerous neo-Nazi movements which is evident in the Western Ukraine, Poland and Hungary, etc. The EU was instigated within Western Europe by the US post-1945 and was designed to ‘purge’ all support for Socialism from the Western European mind. The military aggression of NATO pushed US military bases right up to borders of Eastern European Socialist countries – whilst referring to this action as ‘self-defence’. By contrast, the Communist Bloc and the USSR peacefully pursued socio-economic development despite the unbelievable material damage and loss of life during WWII – the Soviet Union under Stalin’s guidance was rebuilt anew and eclipsed the US (which wasn’t damaged at all during WWII) through its development of nuclear weapons and its extraordinary achievements during the space race. These accomplishments kept the US militarily at bay during Stalin’s lifetime and for many decades afterwards. 

Stalin Visited an Ill Lenin Often in His Last Days!

The United States (and various European countries) have carried-out highly unethical social and medical experiments upon its own citizens – usually involving not only the expendable working-class, but quite often non-White populations. Within everyday life, ordinary people living under the tyranny of predatory capitalism face murder from racist police forces, starvation and death from medical neglect. This number is in the hundreds of thousands and is a regular occurrence within capitalist regimes. The Western media ‘ignores’ any evidence that ‘proves’ the capitalist system to be deficient, unfair and unjust, etc. On the other hand, the same media reproduces with a relish any story involving lies and fabrications about Joseph Stalin. Ironically, the man they unfairly demonise quite literally ‘saved’ their way of life when he commanded the Soviet Red Army to victory during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). If the USSR had lost the war against Hitler – the UK would have soon fell and along with it the US – but the arrogance of these selfish regimes exhibits an almost religious self-deception, whereby they assume a God-given right to exist!  

Joseph Stalin was Treated Very Differently After His Passing!

During the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) the Soviet Union lost between 27-40 million men, women and children. A recent Russian language academic investigation into WWII demographics suggest the Soviet population fell – beyond that normally expected in peacetime – by 34-million people. The British journalist – Alexander Werth – accompanied the Soviet Red Army during much of the fighting between 1941-1945, and although he did not know at the time the exact numbers of Soviet casualties, he was of the opinion that they were ‘massive’ (perhaps as great as 20-million). At the time, the Soviet Authorities made no official statement on the matter – but spent its valuable time fighting the war, looking after the Soviet people still alive, burying the dead and caring for the wounded, etc. Elements of the German Armed Forces were operating ‘behind the lines’ and running mass execution squads. Large pits were dug (usually by prisoners destined to be killed within them), designed to hold thousands of Soviet people deemed racially inferior or ideologically unsound. Although tens of millions of Soviet people died in this manner – they were killed by the orders of Adolf Hitler and NOT Joseph Stalin – who tried his best to rescue and protect these people. Indeed, the bourgeois historians suggest that the Hitlerite regime murdered around 11-million people in the ‘Holocaust’ – 5-millions Jews and 6-million homosexuals, Romany, disabled and Communists, etc. Indeed, historical evidence suggests that Hitler targeted the Communists (even in the death camps) before he targeted the Jews. 

Joseph Stalin and the Red Flag of Freedom!

Adolf Hitler killed 11-milion people during the Holocaust and around 34-million in the USSR. Excluding the number of Allied soldiers and civilians killed during WWII, this would suggest that his murderous and racist policy murdered around 47-million people in Europe! On the other hand, Joseph Stalin did not cause one single war. Prisons existed in the USSR just as they exist in the US and Europe. Whereas the US uses its (predominately) Black prison population for ‘slave labour’ purposes – this never happened in the USSR outside of the imagination of the capitalist ideologues and obviously lying dissidents saying what the Americans wanted to hear before granting these individuals with US Citizenship, a free house, a swollen bank account, free healthcare, free unemployment benefits and a ready-made job, etc! The Constitution and Laws of the USSR are readily available to research as are the actual ‘good’ conditions in Soviet prisons. Gulags were not Nazi-style death camps run by the Soviets in Siberia – and records clearly demonstrate that virtually no one died whilst in them (other than through natural causes).  

Stalin Was Originally Buried Next To Lenin!

The US employs a peculiar rewriting of history whereby ‘actual’ history is obscured and obliterated by a ‘false’ historical paradigm that is superimposed over the top of the existing narrative. At the time, during the 1930s many people in the US were impressed with the fact that the USSR was unaffected by the economic crisis being experienced throughout the capitalist West. Indeed, this stability and apparent well-being of the USSR inspired President Roosevelt to initiate full diplomatic relations with the USSR in 1933 – with a good-natured interaction ensuing. Strangely, after 1945 a ‘new’ historical narrative was developed throughout US academia (as if no one would notice), which depicted the 1930s as the time Joseph Stalin deliberately killed millions through pointless land reforms, and then killed thousands more with a purge of Red Army Officers and thousands of people accused of counter-Revolutionary activities! Unbeknownst to many people, but a number of US citizens lived quite happily in the USSR during the 1930s – and did not see any evidence of these so-called ‘mass purges.’ An American friend of Alexander Werth (who had lived in Moscow for years) ‘laughed’ when asked about these allegations – stating they either never happened or involved very small numbers of people. The US government supposedly thought that the peasants still holding land as ‘private property’ would be the way capitalism would redevelop in the Soviet Union and wash away the stain of Socialism! When the Communist Party of the USSR decided to redistribute and collectivise the land (Joseph Stalin – as the ‘General Secretary’ – did not possess the power to order this development on his own) the US ideologues reacted with a violent zeal that saw all kinds of hate-filled vitriol that never really penetrated the USSR. To this ‘new’ version of the 1930s was added the equally ridiculous notion that there was no difference between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union! This type of madness (bordering upon mental illness) completely ignored the fact that it was the ideology of Marxist-Leninism which inspired the Soviet people to confront, fight and defeat the fascist ideology of Nazi Germany. This is because ‘fascism’ is interpreted as the congealed core of everything ‘wrong’ and ‘corrupt’ that lies at the heart of capitalism. Indeed, fascist ideology is considered nothing less than ‘capitalism in decline’. As a consequence, Joseph Stalin was a very able and effective working-class leader and hero. This is what genuine history says of him when purified of US anti-intellectualism, ignorance and racist imperialism! 

Khrushchev Had Stalin’s Body Re-Buried

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