The Anti-Intellectualism of Judeo-Christian ‘Relics’ Worship!

If Jesus Christ never historically existed – then it logically follows that there are no genuine relics relating to his life or supporting the theological interpretation of his assumed existence. It further follows that any and all assumed relics are ‘fake’ and a product of later forgery and fabrication. Zionist Israel, as a ‘religiously’ justified State, assumes that its own Jewish theology and ideology is literally ‘true’ and that all the assumed characters mentioned in the Bible are ‘real’ even though there is no objective evidence to prove this position. This does not stop the Israeli archaeologists deliberately superimposing a ‘mythic’ veneer over authentic archaeological finds – when these finds (usually human and animal remains together with the foundations of stone buildings) – have no historical connection with Jewish culture either historical or contemporary. Israel only exists since its ‘forced’ creation in 1947 – and has no historical presence in the Palestinian land-mass it currently occupies. In reality, the religion of Judaism is no more ‘factual’ than the Christianity than emerged from it. 

Crucifion Nails Came in Boxes of ‘Three’!

The Zionists, however, pursue a religionist agenda whereby if ‘Jesus’ actually existed – then by implications – the mythology surrounding Judaism must be just as ‘real’ and ‘literal’. Of course, none of this is true. During the Medieval times the Christian Church dominated the populations of the European world through the maintenance of religiously inspired ignorance which involved the worship of ‘relics’ associated with the New Testament. Shards of the ‘true cross’, for instance, if gathered together would make a cross so huge that it would be miles long and wide! For a time, the ‘bone fingers’ of Christ were highly popular in Medieval Europe – but usually only came in boxes of ten due to the carpenters of the time having a highly effective Guild that dealt with the Church only through ‘bulk orders’ paid for in advance (regardless of sales) with ‘no returns’ allowed! There were literally thousands of ‘Christ fingers’ going around when presumably any ‘real’ Jesus would have only possessed just ‘ten’ – like any human despite the special nature of his father.  

Many Crucifixion Victims Were ‘Tied’ and Not ‘Nailed’!

As for ‘nails’ – the number of nails used to affix Jesus Christ to the cross would have weighed in the tonnes if they were all gathered together! Like the Medieval carpenters – the Medieval iron-mongers also possessed an effective Guild that drove a hard-bargain with the Church as its representatives understood the social and political power that a good set of ‘three nails’ could grant to the average local priest and the Church in general! As the upper classes required suits of armour, weapons and ships that used the metals that were available – these crucifixion nails diverted valuable resources from the ruling elite to the Church. If the Church wanted these ‘crucifixion nails’ and the social status such fabrications assured – then the Church had to pay handsomely and in advance of bulk orders! Both the Guilds involved swore their workers to ‘silence’ other these fraudulent but highly lucrative trade in giving an apparent ‘reality’ to a religious ‘myth’. 

The Third Nail is ‘Missing’!

Today, the popularist Church encourages a certain anti-intellectualism which is designed to undermine the legitimate academic community. The popularist Church is superficial and always seeking political power and dominance over humanity (contradicting the Biblical teachings of Jesus Christ). As a consequence, the popularist Church should not be mistaken for the monastic Church – the latter of which is the ‘true’ and ‘oldest’ incarnation of the Christian Church which advocates humility and the pursuance of genuine honesty and understanding. In the case of the monastic Church, a ‘literal’ Christ is not required as the very idea comes across as unsophisticated and quite ‘crass’ in essence and motivation. Relic-hunting is nothing but a confidence trick invented by the popular Church designed to manipulate the poorly educated and the easily led.  

One of these Nails Does Not Belong!

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