Hong Kong as an Integral Part of Mainland China (2020)

Modern Communism of HongKong (2020)

Socialist countries like Communist China remind the capitalist world that another reality is possible, and indeed in existence. China, Cuba, Vietnam and Laos, etc, remind the working-class of the West to question the ‘normalisation’ of capitalist greed as being the highest form of human existence. Predatory capitalism is the greed-ridden ideology of the selfish bourgeoisie – the very middle-class that spread its dominance throughout the world during the years of imperialism and colonialism. All discrimination emerges from the division of labour that underlies the capitalist system. This division of labour reduces everyone to the state of a disempowered individual permanently separated from the safety and security of working-class collectivism and unionisation.  

Hong Kong – Communism Will Win!

The British exercised their military muscle in the early 1800s as a means to enforce drug addiction upon the Chinese populace. As the Chinese people ‘dared’ to resist and stand-up to the British – the British took the barren island of Hong Kong to use as an administrative centre immune from the reaches of Chinese law. This was both illogical and illegal, of course, as Hong Kong was an integral part of the sovereign territory of Mainland China. The Chinese officials who dealt with this expression of British imperialism ensured that ‘Hong Kong’ was only ‘leant’ to the British for a ‘limited’ time-period – regardless of what the British thought they were doing – or the type of regime they established upon the island.  

Hong Kong: Communism is Anti-Racist!

The Chinese officials were clever whilst dealing with the British during the time of ‘unequal treaties’. The point was to allow the British to ‘think’ they possessed the upper-hand whilst being subtly manipulated. Hong Kong was an isolated island that no Chinese person would have wanted when ceded to the British. The British had no idea of this at the time, but proceeded with the false idea that they were racially and intellectually superior. Behind their backs – the Chinese people ‘laughed’ at these ignorant foreigners who could be so easily manipulated to assist the ongoing projecting of ‘building’ China for the future. Chinese people flocked to the island of Hong Kong to live under British dominance for decades looking for wealth – with most only ever encountering poverty and intense exploitation. Of course, the British exploited the minds and bodies of the Chinese population and through the use of their labour – the British built-up and developed the economy and wealth of the island. A small minority of the Chinese population were allowed to share in the immense wealth the British ‘stole’ from the labour of the Chinese people – with the majority remaining little more than impoverished peasants.  

Hong Kong – Habour (2020)

The British imperialists were all White Europeans who viewed themselves to be psychologically and physically ‘superior’ to all other races and ethnicities. The British never assisted the Chinese people with food, clothing, housing, medical care or education. The British were also reluctant to allow Chinese men from joining the British Army in case they attempted to use this military training in an attempt to ‘overthrow’ the British occupation. The British Authorities also used the vicious strictures of institutional racism to discourage any attempt of couples forming between Europeans and Chinese people in ‘mixed’ couplings – stating that the off-spring of such relations would in all likelihood be ‘disformed’ and not accepted by either ethnic group. Young English men were told by their officers that they must ‘give-up’ any love affairs with Chinese women – or face being put on a ‘charge’ for insubordination! Although the British Labour government established the Welfare State and National Health Service (NHS) in 1948 – none of this Socialistic ‘distribution of wealth’ found its way onto the island colony of British Hong Kong. As a result, British people were chastised if they were caught ‘helping’ or ‘assisting’ the Chinese people in anyway.  

Hong Kong – Freedom of Religion (2020)

Racism was an everyday reality for the Chinese people whilst under British rule in Hong Kong. Whereas ALL White people (regardless of status, post or rank) in the colony were all afforded legal protection and legal rights – the resident Chinese people were subject to NO legal protection whatsoever. For most the British rule of Hong Kong – the island never possessed any form of democracy – even as people within (Socialist) Mainland China were voting for their rights from 1949 onwards!  The British only introduced a ‘limited’ democracy on the island as the hand-over date of 1997 drew near. This was a cynical attempt to ‘force’ a subjugated non-White population to actively ‘participate’ in their own ‘imprisonment’ – as if they ‘agreed’ with it – and had ultimately ‘consented’ to it! This scandalous expression of British imperialism has always been rejected by the Communist Party of China (CPC). The Chinese people of Hong Kong have been psychologically and physically ‘damaged’ by the presence of British imperialism – with some individuals so brain-washed that they now think that they cannot live in Hong Kong without being dominated and manipulated by these ‘foreigners’ who have no love toward the Chinese people. All the British imperialists care about is exploiting the rich resource of Chinese labour and thereby generating massive profits through its continuous misuse!  

Hong Kong – Integral Part of Mainland China (2020)

For the Chinese people of Hong Kong to enjoy genuine democracy, they must ‘throw-off’ all forms of Western pollution, corruption and exploitation – and assist the CPC re-build society from the base upwards. In this way, Hong Kong will benefit from exactly the same reconstruction that has transformed the Mainland of China! What the British (and Americans) want on the island of Hong Kong is the ‘right’ and ‘freedom’ for their representatives to continue to ‘exploit’ the minds and bodies of the Chinese people! This is exactly the abhorrent policy that the CPC firmly and clearly ‘rejects’ without apology! The Chinese people must unite and throw-off the shackles of Eurocentric imperialism, racism and exploitation! This is how we build genuine freedom and democracy on the island of Hong Kong!  

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