US Colony of Taiwan Holds ‘Nazi’ Parade to Celebrate Trump’s 2016 Election Victory!

The US has politically, culturally and militarily dominated the southern tip of China known as the island of Taiwan – since that area was invaded by the fleeing Dictator – Chiang Kai-shek – in the late 1940s! This poverty-stricken island is the epitome of Eurocentric racism and American imperialism – with the idealism of US anti-intellectualism setting the academic agenda! The US uses this colony in its ongoing attempts to undermine the sovereign government of Mainland China on the grounds that the US ‘does not like Socialism’…

Pro-US Taiwanese Pupils Crlebrate ‘Hitler for Trump!

This lack of education manifested in 2016 within a Taiwanese school whose teaching staff thought it was appropriate for all its pupils to be subjected to project ‘celebrating’ the great achievements of ‘Nazi Germany’ in celebration of Donald Trump’s election victory – which was equated in the colony as a very positive occurrence – similar to importance of Adolf Hitler coming to power in 1933! The Socialist education system of Mainland China, of course, is a priori ‘anti-fascist’ and the Taiwanese Authorities thought they were being ‘clever’ by encouraging their pupils to embrace Nazism in a positive light – despite the fact at least 11 million innocent people died in the gas chamber and another 40 million in the USSR! Imperial Japan – the ally of Nazi Germany – inflicted at least 60 million deaths upon the Chinese people through their fascist racism!

Western Media ‘Silent’ Over Taiwanese ‘Trump’ Nazi Parade (2016)!

These young ‘Chinese’ people are truly the victims of US racism and the white-washing of history! Such is the price of US ignorance and imperialism – and the stupidity of their lackeys around the world! Senior staff at the Middle-School concerned – offered their ‘resignations’ following complaints from Germany and Isarel. The Taiwanese people should learn from this episode of Western manipulation and throw-off this US domination! These teenage ‘Chinese’ people are the victims of Western racism. They must return to the safety of the loving embrace of the Chinese Motherland!

Neo-Nazi US Army (Afghanistan)

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