Keir Starmer initiates ‘Final Solution’ to Jeremy Corbyn Problem!

Starmer Signs Gulag Order for Corbyn!

Labour on brink of civil war after Keir Starmer bars Jeremy Corbyn from sitting as party MP

Jeremy Corbyn – a Trotskyite – who inspired millions not to vote for Labour in at least six elections during his stint as Labour Leader – has now had the dreaded ‘fatwah’ applied to his presence by the new Labour Leader – Keir Starmer! Starmer – bowing to pressure from the Zionist right has applied the ‘Final Solution’ – effectively ‘ending’ Jeremy Corbyn’s career as an elected Labour MP! Being supported by such anti-China racists as Diane Abbott has not helped his case one iota!

Starmer Decrees ‘New’ Labour Anthem!

Starmer Remembers the sacrifice of Horst Wessel!

The Labour Party – which spent twelve years in power (1997-2010) continuing to deceitfully implement Thatcherite cuts to the NHS and Welfare State – is entering a new phase of its existence whereby its transformation to an openly rightwing Party is secured. The Trotskyite Unions will not care – just as they haven’t cared the decades about genuine Socialism in the UK! The only question left is whether the Communist Party in the UK will now abandon its revisionist policy of supporting the bourgeois Labour Party – or join it by transforming itself into a similar anti-working-class entity!  

Starmer Supporters Await Liberation!

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