Notes on Suicide in Post-1945 Japan

Shadow of Hiroshima Victim

The defeat (and the nature of that defeat) of the Japanese Imperial System in 1945, led to one of the most comprehensive (and ambitious) colonisation projects ever perpetuated by a Eurocentric country upon an Asian country, as the continued psychological and physical devastation of the Japanese people was entirely uncontested for decades. The United States is the epitome of ‘White’ racism, and despite its own self-serving propaganda to the opposite, it remains one of the most vicious and continuous perpetuators of weaponised ‘Whiteness’ in the post-modern age – and has taken over this dubious position in world affairs from the British Empire. Although Japan had been modernising since 1868 on its own terms, its own developing fascism and spiritually justified tyranny had brought it into bloody conflict with its Asian neighbours (including China), and ultimately with the Eurocentric racism of the US. The Japanese Imperial System sought to ‘prove’ to the modern West that Asians were their equal and that Japan should be perceived as the racially dominant country in Asia! American racism laughed at this notion, and continued to portray the Japanese people as being racially, spiritually, politically and culturally inferior. US military manuals routinely depicted the average Japanese man as mentally and physically inadequate with squinting eyes, and poor motor-skills. The bravery (and barbarism) of the average Japanese soldier shocked many different Europeans as the Imperial Japanese Army swept victorious throughout Asia – inflicting one devastating defeat after another on the various European colonial forces scattered therein. In and around Singapore, for example, an astonishing 200,000 British soldiers ‘surrendered’ without a fight to just 10,000 invading Japanese soldiers (many riding bicycles)!  The rapid Japanese victories during WWII undermined the Eurocentric attitudes of anti-Nippon racist attitudes, and rendered such idea redundant, but was replaced with equally strong ideas of ‘brutality’ and ‘barbarism’. The US dropped two atomic bombs on Japan because it perceived the (Asian) Japanese as racially inferior to the (European) Nazi Germans, as the Japanese population of innocent men, women and children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were used in an experiment of nuclear-induced death. The US has been the only country to date to have used atomic weapons in war, but did so on an already shattered and defeated Japan. Following the Soviet intervention in China and the final defeat of the Kwantung Imperial Japanese Army, the US began the brutal rewriting of Japanese culture on Mainland Japan. The US were quick to convert the Japanese Imperial System into a predatory capitalist State, and retain much of its inherent fascistic (and racist) attitudes as a US-controlled bulwark against the perceived threat of Chinese Communism in the region. This is why ‘modern’ Japan is a priori ‘ani-Socialist’, and default set as a political culture to support every aspect of the US neo-imperialism and neo-colonialism it is a product of. Japan has been recreated so as to form a totalitarian capitalist State that sacrifices its own distinct ancient culture and history in the crucible of indifferent US (predatory) capitalism. Japan has been forced to accept and accommodate without question the very US ideology that implicitly assumes the racial inferiority of the Japanese people! Japanese men are viewed as physically and psychologically inferior, whilst Japanese women are portrayed as deviant sexual objects that exist to meet (and fulfil) all the racialised fetishes of Western patriarchy. Freedom (and equality) for modern Japanese women involves the US-inspired ‘right’ to star equally in the various forms of pornography filmed in Japan for consumption in the US and Europe. Like a similarly US ‘colonised’ Germany, Japan has been a centre for the hideous depravity of child pornography in modern times. It is no secret that it is White Western men who travel throughout Asia to have sex with children from impoverished backgrounds. This is the obvious underbelly of Western capitalism which must be stopped! Many people in Japan suffer psychological and physical illness due to the sudden change in their post-1945 culture. As a culturally applicable response to this oppression, many Japanese people ‘reject’ this US domination by committing suicide and ending their own lives. They choose to voluntarily ‘withdraw’ from the corrupt culture inflicted by US imperialism, and take the noble option of ‘terminating’ their own physical presence and participation in this aberration. The average Japanese man and woman brought-up from birth to ‘conform’ to the strictures of US domination radically ‘rediscover’ their inherent historical culture and vote with their feet, so to speak. They permanently vacate the stage in silent protest to the presence of Western racism in Japan. This is a direct (and often ‘shocking’) response to the sudden importation and empowerment of the very US racism and prejudice the Imperial Japanese System went to war to prevent entering its country! People in Japan commit culturally applicable crimes (to their own bodies and the bodies of others) that are depicted as ‘odd’ to Western audiences that are still taught to view the Japanese as a fetish-culture designed to aid Western ejaculation. In this regard, the Japanese are no longer ‘human’ but have become a commodity of predatory capitalism – they have become nothing less than a self-propelling fetish sex toy. A ‘racialised’ Japanese man assists the White male libido through his apparent inadequacy and assumed lack of ‘maleness’, whilst a Japanese schoolgirl, teenager, girlfriend, wife, mother and even grandmother are depicted as sexual objects to be used by Japanese men, Asian men, White men and Black men for physical pleasure with no consequences. Japanese women are depositories for the male ejaculation devoid of any and all morality and cultural context. Whilst the Japanese now live in a permanently ‘racist’ system inflicted by the US upon its people, they are taught to ‘work’ to accumulate profit through long hours of work, and pursue cultural interests ‘modified’ so as to suit the US mentality. Furthermore, where the Japanese and Chinese should be working together to confront US imperialism, Japan suffers from the classic ‘White’ tactic of ‘divide and conquer’. Although the Americans are the harbingers of death and destruction in Japan – it is the ‘Chinese’ (those other non-White victims of White imperialism) that the Japanese are brainwashed to ‘hate’. The Japanese people must through-off this false consciousness of White domination and rediscover their ‘true’ and ‘inherent’ identity.  

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