UK Midwife Exposes Tory Poverty! (30.9.2020)

Well-Done Samantha Philis!

Pregnant woman breaks down in tears during midwife appointment as she has nothing to eat

At a time when at least 11,515 children in the UK have been referred to hospital (by their GPs) suffering from malnutrition since 2015 (with 2,483 hospital admissions of under-16s between January and June, 2020) – a Midwife working in the North of England has given voice to a common experience in today’s Austerity Britain devastated as it has been by Covid19 (and the inadequate Tory response) – namely that of the spectre of mass starvation not seen in this country since the Victorian days! Since 2010, the Tories (assisted for the first five years by the LibDems) have been ruthlessly cutting NHS Services and dismantling the Welfare State. The many Benefits that existed to help alleviate the injustices within British society have been reduced to just one small payment in the form of Universal Credit. As the DWP has been privatised, the employees of private firms are given financial incentives to ‘deprive’, ‘stop’, ‘sanction’ or otherwise ‘disrupt’ any and all payments for months on end to prevent people receiving this small pittance. Furthermore, since the betrayal and failure of a Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn, the elderly, ill and disabled are being made to (illegally) ‘pay’ for their long-term care out of the small Benefits and Pensions they receive. This care is invariably substandard and has replaced the ‘free at the point of use’ provision that a lifetime of paying tax has already paid for. Of course, young children are invariably the most obvious vulnerable victims of the destruction of comprehensive medical care, with a 2015 report stating that 50,000 a year are admitted to hospital suffering from rotten teeth! Indeed, it was the New Labour Party that took effective (and preventative) dentistry treatment out of the NHS – so that now only the children of rich parents with ‘private health’ insurance can afford treatment for healthy gums and teeth. The Tories are still following the EU Directives that call for the ‘selling off’ of ALL Welfare Systems and Socialised Medical Services so that Europe is changed into an extension of the US! The working-class must starve and suffer in silence so that the bourgeoise is not upset when it reads its newspapers in the morning! This is all happening at a time when the Tories have ordered schools not to teach any form of anti-capitalist history or to recognise the validity of historical victimhood! The only weapon the working-class has is that of organisation and education through Socialism and the study of Marxist-Leninism! Well-done to Midwife Samantha Phillis! 

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