JK Rowling is Not a Woman…

Love Not Ridicule!

JK Rowling is not a woman – she is a self-serving capitalist. This person struck-lucky by inventing a version of Lord of the Rings for children that ripped-off well-known Arthurian elements of British legends and mythology, and like a modern industrial farm, force-fed the mashed-up contents from the minds of the generations that came before – into the brains of her receptive and willing young audience. The icing on this cannibalistic cake was that this mess was then made into a series of wondrous films – making Rowling both a household name and a multimillionaire! It seems, however, that you can take the woman out of the council estate, but you cannot take the council estate out of the woman. Being successful within the capitalist system does mean you are clever – it just means that you are effective in transforming your thoughts of selfish greed into material wealth at the expense of the well-being and progression of the working-class. Rich people within the capitalist system are notoriously penny-pinching, insulting and ignorant, seldom caring for anyone else or possessing any type of empathy or sympathy for the plight of others. The error in the debate of JK Rowling verses the Transgender community is that ‘being hideously rich’ is mistakenly associated with ‘being intelligent’ and possessing a progressive ‘social consciousness’ – obviously, Rowling possesses neither. Rich people living in the capitalist system are just happy ‘not to be poor’, and that’s about it. As a consequence, too much is expected from JK Rowling – a talentless author who got lucky due to existing conditions and market forces. JK Rowling is just as much a media fantasy as is ‘Harry Potter’ – the fictional character she concocted whilst sat in the working-class obscurity of her poverty-stricken kitchen. What Rowling has now become, is a convenient rallying point for numerous other so-called ‘celebrities’ (who also mistake their ‘bank balances’ for ‘wisdom’), and the wider forces of fascism throughout society, who think that the choices and aspirations of others (who do not possess their wealth or influence), should not be heard, validated, supported and realised. This intolerant attitude (encouraged and supported by Rowling’s fascistic expressions) is that ‘love’, ‘tolerance’ and ‘understanding’ are being withheld (and withdrawn) by the very celebrities that many look-up to for inspiration and support, from those vulnerable groups of people who need it the most. As a Marxist-Leninist (Maoist), I reject any and all forms of discrimination aimed at Transgender people and anyone else seeking a better inner and outer life. Transgender people require love and support from the wider community and not ridicule and hatred. JK Rowling is particularly dishonest in this matter, as many of the her fictional characters brought to life in the Harry Potter films, are obviously non-binary or potentially ‘Transgender’ in nature, and it is a shame that she cannot be honest about this point. Her millions were in-part made by her flirting with ‘Transgenderism’… 

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