Bumbling Boris – a ‘Front’ for Ruthless Tory Government!

The Shining Path!

Schools in England told not to use material from anti-capitalist groups

Just as the British nation requires the NHS as never before – the ruthless Tories under Boris Johnson (voted into power by a bourgeoisie hell-bent on keeping a left-wing Labour Party out of power led by Jeremy Corbyn) – is continuing to sell-off its medical services into the greedy private sector at an ever-increasing rate of acceleration! One of the reasons that the deficient Tory Covid19 response has led to the deaths of at least 600 NHS and over 42,000 British citizens, is because the Conservative government has placed all Covid19 emergency measures into private hands (self-serving entities that are constantly seeking ‘profit’ out of a national emergency)! Wages are being cut at a time when prices are rocketing and (and Tory-LibDems inflicted) Austerity has taken away any properly functioning Welfare State. Two days ago, the national press in the UK reported that the Johnson Tory government has issued instructions for all schools in England to ‘stop’ teaching (or mentioning) any form of historical or contemporary ‘anti-capitalist’ ideology, and to refuse any teaching aid from any groups or institutions that advocate the overthrow of capitalism. Although it should be the duty of every working-class man, women and child to actively engage in the over-throw of the ruthless (predatory) capitalist system, the brutal fascistic Tories choose to associate self-determination and freedom of thought and speech of this nature with its exact opposite! Yes, the typically ‘inverted’ thinking of the Tory so-called ‘intelligentsia’ is of the opinion that exercising self-determination of this kind is ‘not to be operating any form of self-determination’, and that this type of ‘freedom of thought’ is ‘not to have any freedom of thought’!  This stupidity has a certain ‘Hitleresque’ illogic about it! My Comrades in China have said that the UK Tories must have a really low opinion about the popularity of predatory capitalism if they have to resort to this kind of brutal (draconian) measure of governmental oppression and violation of Human Rights! They are right, of course, as earlier this year the UK (Tory) government instructed the police to include the Communist Party on a list of ‘terrorist’ organisations on the grounds that it advocates a Marxist-Leninist ideology that seeks to educate and strengthen the working-class so that it can seize the means of production from bourgeoise control. Indeed, during the 19th century, the UK was one of the few countries where Marx thought this Revolutionary process could unfold peacefully and with the minimum of violence. The more oppression that is heap against us – the stronger we must become to bear the weight of this oppression! Down with Tory and capitalist tyranny!  

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